Tamper-Proof Dashcams

Tamper-proof dashcams are specially designed to meet the needs of businesses or other organizations that operate a fleet of vehicles. These unique dashcams protect critical video files from prying hands (and eyes) by securing access to the memory card. Furthermore, tamper-proof dashcams cannot be easily unplugged or turned off by the driver or passengers of the vehicle. Rest assured that your in-car video recording system will always be in operation with a tamper-proof dashcam.

Tamper Proof dash cam category graphic

Dashcams may be tamper-proof "natively", meaning their protection mechanisms are built-in from the production line, or they may become tamper-proof with the addition of an optional tamper-proof cover that installs over top of the regular dashcam itself. SmartWitness professional dashcams, for example are natively tamper-proof, but other brands such as BlackVue and Thinkware also provide optional tamper-proof covers (sold separately) that enable protection for the 590, 750/770, 900/970, F100 and other series dashcams as well.

A Few of the Benefits of Tamper-Proof Dashcams:

  • Memory card is under lock and key so the recordings cannot be accessed except by business owner or fleet manager
  • Power cable cannot be unplugged from the dashcam, so the dashcam will always be in operation while the vehicle is being driven
  • No on/off or other buttons to turn the dashcam off or stop recording
  • Camera angles locked in place so drivers cannot re-aim the cameras

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