Front + Rear Dashcams

"Front + rear" dashcams are designed to record both in front of and behind your vehicle at the same time. These dashcam 'systems' include two separate camera modules: a primary front-facing camera module and a smaller secondary camera module. Thanks to the small size of the second camera, this secondary lens may be placed just about anywhere throughout the vehicle, but in most cases the second camera is mounted in the rear windshield and points out towards the rear (to capture events that occur behind the vehicle).

Front + rear dashcam systems include wide angle front-facing lenses and wide angle rear-facing lens which provides near-360-degree video coverage around your vehicle, for a comprehensive silent eyewitness. Please see the following diagram for where the two dashcams of a "front + rear" dual-lens dashcam system are typically placed in your vehicle:

dual lens dash cam front and rear placement example explanation diagram

Who might want to use a "front + rear" dashcam?

Being able to capture footage from the front and rear of your vehicle is a huge benefit to those involved in traffic accidents. In an insurance claim, being able to provide video documentation of what actually occurred can be the difference between winning and losing. Even if you're parked, you can keep an eye on your vehicle when it's bumped or vandalized. These dashcams are also great for the adrenaline junky or the sports car driver to capture high-quality multiple-angle footage of the fun! Whether you're a hobbyist or you simply want an extra layer of security on your daily commute or for your business, a "front + rear" dashcam can give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

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Feeling a bit lost or overwhelmed? Please feel free to peruse our Dash Cam Buyer's Guide which can help point you in the right direction when choosing which dashcam is best for you.