Installation Kits

Below you will find dash cam installation kits available exclusively at The Dashcam Store™. These kits are our very own design (patent pending) and we are ecstatic to share the fruits of our labor with the automotive community. Our kits are proudly made in the USA.

Dash Cam Installation Kit ditch the cord - benefits explainer image

These installation kits for in-car recorders (dashcams) or other accessory devices such as radar detectors and GPS units, allow painless integration of your dashcam with your vehicle's electrical system. No wires need be cut or tapped into; your wiring will not be damaged in any way when using one of our kits. The installation kit may also be easily removed, leaving your vehicle completely the way it was before install.

Typically a dash cam is just plugged in to your vehicle's cigarette lighter. When you turn your car on, the cigarette lighter outlet is powered, and therefore your dash cam turns itself on and begins recording. Same thing when you turn your car off, the cigarette lighter loses power and your dashcam stops recording and turns itself off.

Dash Cam Installation Kit 12v fuse tap input to 5v output composite with packaging diagram image

With our exclusive installation kits, the power cable comes from your fuse box instead of the cigarette lighter outlet. No more cord dangling from your dashcam. This is the clean and simple way to enjoy the benefits of a dash camera. More details regarding how to install a dashcam with these kits are available on our Advanced Dashcam Installation page.

Selecting the right kit for your dashcam is simple. First you must identify the type of fuse your vehicle uses (ATO/ATC, Mini, Low-Profile Mini, or Micro2), and then you pick the kit that is compatible with your dashboard camera. A dash cam compatibility list is given on each installation kit page. If you are unsure which kit you need, please see our page on how to identify your vehicle's fuse type.

We recommend having a professional install your dash cam if you are unsure of the proper and safe installation methods.