Dashcams for Rideshare

Do you drive a taxi cab or do rideshare for Uber or Lyft, and are looking to protect yourself, your vehicle, and your passengers while you're driving? You've come to the right place! Below are a selection of dashcams that are ideal for taxi and rideshare use.

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Dashcams for rideshare may be "all-in-one" units where both the front and inside-facing camera lenses are built in to one single device (examples: Vantrue N2 Pro or myGekoGear OwlScout), or they may be be designed such that the two camera lenses are separate from each other and connected by a small cable. Having separate front and inside lenses allows a bit more flexibility as to where the device is mounted in your vehicle, whereas "all-in-one" models almost always are placed front and center in the front windshield.

What makes these dashcams appropriate for use in taxi cabs, limos, or rideshare vehicles?

  • Front + inside recording: each rideshare dashcam has two camera lenses, one to look out the front windshield, and one to face into the vehicle itself
  • Infrared nightvision: rideshare dashcams work perfectly well in the dark, by automatically and invisibly illuminating the inside of the vehicle with infrared (IR) LED lights. Your eyes don't see the IR light, but the camera lens does!
  • Discreet recording: models such as those from BlackVue and Thinkware are very compact and are not likely to be noticed by your passengers
  • Constant protection: like all dashcams, these models record audio and video at all times when the vehicle is in use, protecting you from false accusations, assault, and more

Don't risk driving without a rideshare dashcam, invest in your protection today!

All of our dashcams include a 1 year warranty, and extended warranties are available as well.

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