Tamper-Proof Covers

Brand new tamper-proof cases from BlackVue and Thinkware! Prevent unauthorized access to your memory card, and also prevent anyone from unplugging your BlackVue or Thinkware F50 or F100 dashcams! BlackVue Dash Cam BTC-1A/1B Tamper-proof cover header image

These original accessories from BlackVue and Thinkware fit securely and are designed to physically block access to the microSD memory card slot, power cable, and coaxial cable (in the case of 2-channel models). This will help prevent anyone other than the vehicle owner or fleet manager from gaining access to the recordings on the memory card, and will also prevent anyone from disabling the front or rear cameras by unplugging the cables. Furthermore, tamper-proof cases also prevent the camera from being rotated away from the forward direction, so the important information is always recorded by your in-car video camera! BlackVue Dash Cam Tamper-proof cover animation

There are several versions of the tamper-proof covers: for different models as well as different vehicle types. For example, for the DR650/750/900S dash cam series, BlackVue offers one version for regular vehicles such as passenger cars and light trucks, as well as a heavy-duty vehicle version for buses, trucks or 18-wheelers. The difference between the two versions has to do with the windshield angle. BlackVue Dash Cam Tamper-proof cover personal vs heavy duty truck comparison image

We also carry tamper-proof cases for other BlackVue series (BTC-2A for the 590/590W series) and specific models such as the BTC-3A for the DR750-2CH-LTE. Additionally, we carry covers for the Thinkware F50 or Thinkware F100 dashcam systems! Scroll down to see the Thinkware version.

To request additional information, please don't hesitate to contact us. We always give our best effort to respond to all inquiries within 1 business day. Drive safe!