FedEx Ground Safety Technology Requirements For Contractors

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Current and future FedEx Ground contractors and fleet managers should be aware of a number of safety technology requirements announced by FedEx for vehicles and the deadlines to comply. Not complying with these requirements could result in the breach of your contract and void the insurance coverage provided by FedEx. We here at The Dashcam Store are here to help you meet those requirements as well as add additional security measures that will give you the edge on the road and in the boardroom.

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There are two rounds of contractual requirements with deadlines in 2021 and 2023, please see below to review.

July 2021 | Requirements

Backing Sensors

Accidents that occur while reversing are not only the majority of accidents, but one of the easiest to prevent. This is why FedEx now requires a five-point sonar backup system on all contractor delivery vehicles. Many newer vehicles include this already. The five-point system must be three sensors on the bottom and two along the top of the vehicle.

The Dashcam Store can procure and install these systems for clients in and around the Central Texas region.

Three Camera Blind Spot Monitor/Detection

The three-point camera system (TPCS) is required strictly as a display system for your driver's awareness of the driver side, passenger side, and rear of the delivery truck. Here are example photos of FedEx truck TPCS installations performed by our technicians recently:

The three-camera system monitors the three main blind spots of the vehicle, with cameras mounted near the side-view mirrors and on the rear of the truck. The display (screen) that is either mounted on the dashboard or hung from the top of the cabin may be configured to remain on anytime the engine is running, with the aim of helping your drivers avoid accidents caused by objects in blind spots.

Unlike a VEDR (Video Event Data Recorder), the TPCS is not required to actually *record* video data. The only standard you must meet with FedEx Ground is having the TPCS installed. However, our SmartWitness CP4S professional data recording system is be a great option for the TPCS requirement, with the added benefit of video, audio and GPS location recording, with remote accessibility and automatic event data upload to the cloud. It records up to 4 video channels, meaning it not only covers the side and rear camera requirements but can also supports a front or interior camera as well. The CP4S comes loaded with an impressive list of features, in addition to the TPCS functionality. Click the HERE to learn more!

September 2023 | Requirements

After September 1, 2023, any vehicles added to Schedule B of the ISP Agreement will be subject to these contractual requirements:

Forward Collision Avoidance And Mitigation (FCAM)

If the computer system detects that a driver will be in an accident, FCAM technology charges and applies the brakes. This technology enhances forward collision warning systems with automatic braking. The system will automatically apply the brakes in order to avoid an accident or, in the worst-case scenario, to mitigate the damage.

Speed Limiter

In addition to speed limiters/governors that are already a contractual requirement on the linehaul side set at 65 mph, P&D operations will also be required to have speed limiters on vehicles.

Lane Departure Warning System (LDW)

When the LDW System detects that the vehicle is departing out of their lane, an alarm will sound inside of the vehicle to alert the driver. The alarm does not sound when properly using turn signals. This technology is very common on newer passenger vehicles, and it is also another linehaul standard coming to the P&D space. Any vehicles currently in use or added to Schedule B before September 2023, will be grandfathered into the new agreement and will not require these new safety technologies.

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