Dashcams for Fleets

Operating a fleet of vehicles for your business involves a certain level of risk simply due to the nature of driving in general. Compound those 'normal' risks with the added hazards of distracted employees, insurance scammers, cargo or tool thieves, other drivers not paying attention, etc and you are practically rolling the dice each time one of your trucks leaves your depot. Equipping your fleet with dashcams can have a massive mitigating factor on many of these risks!

Why do commercial vehicles need dashcams in them at all times? Just a few example benefits are listed below:

  • Fleet management: gain real-time awareness of your vehicle locations throughout the day
  • Accidents: have video evidence to document unfortunate events that may take place while your drivers are on the road
  • Training: dashcam video can be useful for educating drivers and safety managers on a variety issues beyond just the drive to and from the warehouse or depot
  • Accountability: drivers instantly feel more responsible for their actions when they know a video camera is running in the vehicle, whether there is a camera pointed directly at them or not
  • Complaint Resolution: verify or dispute the accuracy of complaints made against a company driver
  • Efficiency: constant GPS logging means a decrease in fuel costs as drivers will no longer deviate from direct routes or use company vehicles for personal errands

We have selected the dashcams below specifically for business fleet use. Fleet dashcams are engineered to be more robust and reliable than standard consumer-grade models. Some may be tamper-proof to prevent unauthorized access to the power cable and memory card. Some are 'cloud-capable' meaning they can be monitored remotely (over-the-cloud). Many different configurations are available as well: forward-facing only, front + rear-facing, front + inside-facing, etc. Custom configurations are also available.

Not sure which dashcam is right for your business? Please see our Fleet Dashcam Buyer's Guide which can help point you in the right direction when choosing the best dashcam for your company's fleet of commercial vehicles, or contact us to speak with a small business or commercial fleet specialist today. Quantity discounts are available.