Dashcams for Truckers

Truck drivers need the "dashcam defense" more than anyone else! Contractors, owner-operators, or independents, we don't need to say it but the stakes are much higher for you than they are for your typical driver. Driving is your livelihood, don't let one incident take that away from you just because someone else wasn't paying attention and now wants to blame you for the accident. A dashcam is your critical tool in protecting yourself and your career on the highways today, whether you own the truck or not.

trucker dash cam category graphic

We've selected the models below specifically for big rig drivers of all types: haulers, reefers, LTL's, bulk, regional, interstate, teams, etc. Dashcams for truckers don't need to be complicated. Just attach them to your windshield and plug them in to your power outlet, and then enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you won't become a victim.

Should you ever be involved in an accident, you can use your dashcam at the scene to show law enforcement what really happened, in case there is any doubt. Your dashcam can also keep an eye on things while you're sleeping too, which is an added benefit.

Other models beyond just the simple forward-facing dashcams are available as well, if you're interested in recording in front of and inside your truck, for example.

Not sure which dashcam is right for your rig? Please see our Fleet Dashcam Buyer's Guide which can help point you in the right direction when choosing the best dashcam for your truck.