Power Accessories

Below you will find power-related accessories for dashcams. This category of dashcam accessories includes power modules, power cords, hardwire kits, battery packs, fuse taps, and more.

What is a dashcam power module? These devices allow for a safe hard-wired installation of your dashcam into your vehicle which frees up your existing power outlet, and allows you to use your dashcam both while driving and while parked.

Typically a dashcam is just plugged in to your vehicle's cigarette lighter. When you turn your car on, the cigarette lighter outlet is powered, and therefore your dashcam turns itself on and begins recording. Same thing when you turn your car off, the cigarette lighter loses power and your dashcam stops recording and turns itself off.

With a power module, you have more control over when your camera is on or off. The power module is wired in to the vehicle's electrical system, and you connect your dashcam to the power module. With the power module, you can set your dashcam to stay recording even when your vehicle is off and you are away. This is known as parking mode. If anyone were to damage your car while it is parked, you will have video evidence of this, since the dashcam was always watching!

Power modules like the Power Magic Pro or Power Magic EZ listed below will also monitor the car battery voltage and turn your dashcam off should the battery voltage get too low. This way, you will still have enough "juice" to turn your car on when you return.

We recommend having a professional install your dashcam power module.

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