BlackVue's amazing DR900S, DR750S, DR590, DR590W single and dual-lens dash cams offer performance, features, reliability and longevity

In case you haven't already heard of the BlackVue brand of dash cams, allow us to make an introduction! As stated by Dr. Hyunmin Hur, CEO and founder of Pittasoft (South Korean manufacturer of the BlackVue brand): "At the core of our strategy is a razor-sharp focus on making the best dashcams. Just the best dashcams." We at The Dashcam Store certainly recognize and appreciate this dedicated and sustained effort (the results are obvious when you compare BlackVue dash cams to others!), and this is one of many reasons why we are pleased to offer these high-quality models to drivers in the USA. See our 2020 BlackVue Dash Cam Buyer's Guide for a detailed description and comparison of the different BlackVue models.

BlackVue's amazing single and dual-lens dash cams offer a level of performance, features, reliability, and longevity not found very often in the in-car video camera world. When you are ready for an unstoppable "dashcam defense", and you want to stop throwing money away on cheap dashcams that fail after a few months (or even a few weeks), the BlackVue models definitely deserve some consideration. BlackVue's continual evolution has led to improvements such as using capacitors instead of batteries (better heat resistance) and acceptance of up to 128gb memory cards for even more recording capacity. We don't even need to mention how these dashcams are still the top performers when it comes to parking mode (protecting your vehicle while you are away).

Furthermore, BlackVue has a dashcam model for just about every application and budget! From the basic DR590-1CH (we hesitate to call something this good 'basic'...) to the touchscreen DR490L-2CH with front and back cameras, to the technology-packed DR750S-2CH, to the revolutionary 4K "UltraHD" DR900S-1CH and DR900S-2CH, BlackVue has you covered. BlackVue has even recently introduced BlackVue Over-the-Cloud service as a free service for the DR650S, DR750S and DR900S single and dual-lens models, now that is an amazing technological leap forward in the dashcam world, and an excellent value to boot! BlackVue dashcams are a great choice for consumers and businesses alike.

Attention Business Owners and Fleet Managers: If you would prefer to speak with a dashcam specialist to discuss your needs, please contact us today. Fleet discounts are available.