Working with Dashcam Video Files

Whether you're on a PC or a Mac, working with video files can be tricky sometimes. But if you're looking for guidance you've come to right place! We can help you retreive footage, play back footage, protect footage to ensure you can use it or view it later, and we even have a guide to help you format your memory card!

Working with Dashcam Video Files

How To Retrieve Video Files From Your Dashcam

So you've captured something of interest on video, follow these instructions for getting the video onto your computer so you can share it with others.

How To Play Back Video Files On Your Computer

Once you have the video files on your computer, follow this guide to view the videos and GPS data (if available).

How To Protect Video Files In Case of An Accident

In the unfortunate event that you're involved in an accident, you'll want to follow these steps to make sure your video evidence is properly preserved.

How To Completely Format Your Memory Card

It can be important to periodically ensure that your memory card has been completely wiped clean, this procedure shows you to do just that!

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