1080p Full HD Dashcams

Here we have a category or collection of dashcams that all feature Full High Definition (FHD) video recording capabilities. You may have heard the term 1080p before when it comes to TV screens, 1080 simply refers to the number of lines of resolution that can be displayed (or in the case of dashcams: the number of lines that may be recorded). A 1080p Full HD dashboard video camera (dashcam) captures video footage at a resolution of 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high. Essentially, 1080p dashcams offer *amazing* video quality; this is the "standard" for dashcam quality at this time, and we would not recommend anything less for our dear customers. Be sure to watch some of the sample footage videos of the dashcams listed below (on each respective product page) to see for yourself.

Why is having the best quality video footage important? One answer to this question may arise if the footage was needed to prove innocence or guilt in a court of law. Not only would clear video evidence of the events help make the case, but the high resolution footage may allow evidence to be extracted from the video (such as zooming in on a distant vehicle's license plate). With a lesser quality video, that may not be possible. Another scenario would be capturing something interesting or amazing on video. Footage of incredible and/or newsworthy events may be quite valuable! Be sure to submit your original dashcam clips to our Video Bounty Program for a chance at a cash reward!

Looking for even more resolution? We're now offering Ultra HD 4K dashcams for the ultimate in in-car video recording technologies.