Dash Cam Bundles

Save a bundle with a Dashcam DIY bundle! This page features our complete listing of BlackVue, Thinkware, Vantrue and other dashcam install bundle options. The dashcam installation packs below are perfect for those looking for a one stop shop for a high quality dashcam and all the installation accessories needed to hardwire by yourself or by a professional. You don’t have to search for all the installation tools and accessories that you need to hard wire your dashcam one by one! Simply purchase one of our install bundles below and you’ll have everything you need to seamlessly hard wire your new dashcam in your car, truck, or SUV.
Each Dashcam Bundle includes:
  • A 1CH or 2CH dashcam, or a 1CH + 2CH dashcam set: find the right coverage and feature set for your particular needs.
  • A Circuit tester: This tool, also called a test light, will help you locate your fuse box’s "always-on" and "switched" fuses.
  • A direct-wire harness or Power Magic Pro control box: direct integration with your fuse box so you don't need to have your dashcam plugged in to the cigarette lighter outlet.
  • Add-A-Circuit fuse taps: These fuse taps crimp on to the end of the provided power direct-wire harness so you can plug the harness in to your fuse box. Your vehicle's factory warranty will remain fully intact!
  • (Rideshare Bundles) Notification stickers: inform your passengers that audio/video recording may be in progress in your vehicle.

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