Back-Up Camera Dashcams

Back-up camera dashcams are a special class of in-car video cameras. These dashcams can be configured so that when the driver puts the vehicle in reverse gear, the dashcam will automatically display the live video from the rear-mounted camera on the built-in screen. This way, the driver has a good visual aid of what is behind the vehicle while backing up.

What makes these dashcams unique?

  • Back-up camera dashcams have a screen built-in so that they can display the video from the rear camera while reversing
  • Back-up camera dashcams have an input wire (that usually connects to the reverse lights on the vehicle) so that they 'know' when the driver has placed the vehicle in reverse
  • The video from the rear camera (and the front camera too) is always recorded to to the memory card, unlike standalone back-up camera systems
  • Automatic visual aid to help any driver see what is behind their vehicle while reversing

If you would like to make sure to capture the footage from your backup camera while reversing, a back-up camera dashcam might be the right solution to increase safety for you or your business.

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