Dashcams for Rental Cars

Are you a frequent traveler who needs a compact and portable in-car video camera for when you're driving a rental car? Below are a selection of dashcams for rental cars that work well to keep you safe while out of town or when driving someone else's vehicle.

What makes these dashcams appropriate for use in rental cars?

  • Quick up and down: suction cup mounting brackets attach quickly to the windshield and remove just as quickly when the trip is over
  • Plug and play: just plug the included power cord into the rental vehicle's power outlet and you're good to go
  • Low cost and simple: basic protection without extra complications in setting up the camera or playing back the videos

Don't leave it to chance! Driving in unfamiliar areas can be risky for a variety of reasons. Invest in your protection today!

All of our dashcams include a 1 year warranty, and extended warranties are available as well.

Looking for a more permanent solution? Please visit our Dashcam Buying Guides which can help point you in the right direction when choosing the best dashcam for your needs.