Memory Cards & Readers

A memory card is an essential component in your dashcam in-car video camera system. The memory card is where the actual video files created by your dashcam are stored, so your dashcam will not be able to protect you without one! A dashcam puts extreme strain on a memory card (constantly reading and writing data to/from the memory card), and in fact is probably one of the most extreme environments that a memory card can live in (your memory card is subjected to extremes of temperature and plenty of shock/vibration simply from everyday driving). This is why it is so important to use a high quality memory card in your dashcam.

Some of the dashcams we sell do not come with a memory card (excluding all of our BlackVue or Thinkware dashcam models which do include a memory card already inside the package), so for dashcams that do not include a memory card, the card must be purchased separately. Each dashcam on our website will clearly state in the product description whether or not a memory card is included.

We only sell genuine high performance BlackVue & Thinkware (which are both actually industrial-grade memory cards) and Samsung memory cards in their original retail packaging. We believe the quality, performance, and reliability of the BlackVue, Thinkware and Samsung memory cards trumps any cost savings from inexpensive knock-offs. Remember, if your memory card isn't good enough to keep up with your dashcam, you're risking not capturing that important event that may save you a ton of money and headache later.