VIOFO Dash Cam Bundles

Save a bundle with a VIOFO Dash Cam DIY bundle!

This page features our new VIOFO dash cam install bundles. The VIOFO dash cam installation packs below are perfect for those looking for a one stop shop for a "front, rear and inside" VIOFO dash cam and all of the installation accessories needed to hardwire your new dash cam yourself (or to have it done by a professional).

You don’t have to search for all the installation tools and accessories that you need to hardwire your VIOFO one by one! Simply purchase one of our install bundles below and you’ll have everything you need to seamlessly hardwire your VIOFO A139 dash cam in your car, truck, or SUV.

Each install bundle option includes a VIOFO forward-facing, inside-recording + rear-facing dash cam (the A139 PRO 3-channel), memory card, and all of the install accessories you will need for your new front, rear and inside in-car camera system.

The VIOFO Dashcam Installation Bundles include:

  • A high-end VIOFO 3-Channel Dash Cam: For example the A139 3-Channel for recording in front of, inside, and behind your vehicle.
  • A Circuit tester: This tool, also called a test light, will help you locate your fuse box’s "always on" and "switched" fuses. This will come in handy when you connect the Vantrue’s direct-wire harness to the fuse box.
  • VIOFO hardwire kit: VIOFO's hardwiring cable connects your VIOFO dash camera directly to your vehicle’s fuse panel, which allows the camera’s parking surveillance mode to function while the vehicle’s ignition is turned off.
  • Add-A-Circuit fuse taps: These fuse taps crimp on to the end of the VIOFO direct-wire harness so you can plug the harness in to your fuse box. Your vehicle's factory warranty will remain fully intact!