Secondary Cameras & Cables

Here you will find secondary cameras and video cables that are designed to work in conjunction with an existing forward-facing BlackVue or Thinkware dashcam system. The cameras on this page may be for rear-facing (pointing behind your vehicle) or for inside-facing (pointing inside the vehicle).

Please note: these secondary cameras do not operate on their own! They must be connected to a BlackVue or Thinkware camera in order to record video.

For BlackVue, these cameras are direct replacement units for the secondary cameras that originally come with the two-channel systems, for example the DR750S-2CH or DR650S-2CH-IR.

For Thinkware, these cameras are add-ons (or replacements), meaning they can be added to an existing F800 Pro or F100 front-facing camera. The F800 Pro and F100 do not include a secondary camera by default, so you use one of these cameras to turn them in to 2-channel systems.

Certain levels of knowledge or experience may be required in order to safely and properly install these cameras. If in doubt, please consult a professional!

If you need any additional information or guidance, please don't hesitate to contact us. We always give our best effort to respond to inquiries within 1 business day.

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