Miniature Dashcams

While dashcams in general are fairly small devices, this category of dashboard video cameras is the smallest of the small!

What are the advantages of having a miniature dashcam? First and foremost, smaller dashcams are less visible to others from both the outside and the inside of the vehicle, which can reduce the chances of anyone noticing your in-car camera(s). An inconspicuous dashcam is much less likely to be stolen during a "smash and grab" break-in by a thief, and a tiny dashcam may in fact record the entirety of an event such as that (so you are able to provide hard evidence to the police)! Since miniature dashcams are usually hard to notice or almost hidden, these dashcams also benefit you by acting as the "ace up your sleeve" in case of an incident, where you then will have the luxury of deciding whether or not to reveal the fact that you have a dashcam! It's not too hard to imagine several scenarios where you may or may not want to disclose the fact that you recorded an event on dashcam, until others have already "gone on record", so to speak. We're big proponents of having the truth on your side, of course! Inconspicuous dashcams are great at providing that #DashcamDefense!

These compact dash cam models may be mounted higher up and out of the way on your windshield and therefore more out of the path of the driver's vision, so they are more safe to use, as well. Some models, such as the BlackVue DR590-1CH below, for example, do not even have screens on them that may distract the driver (the videos from screen-less dashcams are easily viewed later by plugging the memory card into a computer). Want easy WiFi interface? Try out the BlackVue DR590X-1CH instead. Here are a few reasons why one may want a more inconspicuous miniature dash cam.

Despite their small footprints, miniature dashcams can still offer the features of the larger models including 1080p HD video recording and even 2K Quad HD video recording in the case of the Garmin 56, and other standard/optional features such as loop recording, GPS speed and position logging, G-sensors, and more.