Dashcams for Teens

Your teenager is starting to drive on their own... yikes! As much as you trust your new driver, equipping their vehicle with a dashcam can provide incredible peace of mind to you as a parent, for many reasons.

Primarily, you'll know that if your teen is ever involved in an accident, video evidence will be available to defend against any false accusations that may arise, which often is the case when young people get in to wrecks and aren't able to articulate clearly why the other driver was actually in the wrong. A simple forward-facing dashcam will provide clear proof in 90+% of accidents of who was at fault, even if the actual impact isn't covered directly by the camera lens (i.e. if your teen was rear-ended by another driver, the front-facing dashcam will still show exactly where your vehicle was and why it was stopped when it was hit from behind). Want extra coverage? Consider a front + rear-facing dashcam system, or even a front + inside-facing dashcam system.

Secondly, a dashcam can be used to keep tabs on where your teen has been (GPS logging), or where they are going right now (remote monitoring). Cloud-capable dashcams are able to be monitored remotely to know exactly where the vehicle is, and some models such as those from BlackVue and Waylens even allow remote live-viewing of the camera itself (a mobile WiFi hotspot device may be required to enable remote 'over-the-cloud' connectivity).

Thirdly, it's important to note that the mere presence of a dashcam in their vehicle has a very real and overall positive effect on the behavior of the teenager. When your student driver understands that all of their actions are being documented while driving, they are much less likely to drive dangerously (speeding, texting while driving, running red lights, etc) or otherwise misbehave (having many friends in the vehicle, for example). Parents report this calming effect to us on a regular basis.

Factors to consider when choosing a dashcam for your teen driver:

  • What camera angles would you like to capture? Front only? Front and inside? Front and rear?
  • Do you need remote monitoring or are you OK with viewing the videos from the memory card later?
  • Do you need a tamper-proof cover to keep the camera from being unplugged or turned off?

All of our dashcams include a 1 year warranty, and extended warranties are available as well.

Didn't find what you are looking for? Please visit our Dashcam Buying Guides which can help identify the best dashcam for your new driver. Good luck, parents!