Motorcycle Dashcams

So you understand the need for using a dashcam while driving a car, but you also want to extend that protection to when you're riding your motorcycle? This category of dashcams is intended exclusively for motorcycles and other non-car type vehicles! Rather than manually starting and stopping (and charging) a GoPro when you ride, dashcams for motorcycles offer all of the same benefits that normal dashcams do: loop recording, automatic start/stop of recording, audio + video recording, and more, as well as other benefits such as multi-angle recording, GPS position logging, and being able to withstand the elements (rain, snow, dust, etc). Below are a selection of unique dashcams that are designed exclusively for motorcycles, dirt bikes, 4-wheelers, ATVs, UTVs, side-by-sides and other similar on and off-road type vehicles.

All of our dashcams include a 1 year warranty, and extended warranties are available as well.

Not sure which dashcam is right for you? Please visit our Dashcam Buying Guides which can help point you in the right direction when choosing the best dashcam for your needs.