Frequently Asked Questions

Dashcams are for all types of people from all walks of life and for many different applications, from personal to professional. We've seen a fair amount of common questions that have continued to be asked over the years, so we compiled them and put them into a few separate categories for you. If you're new to the dashcam world and have basic questions, the Basic Dashcam FAQ is for you. Only want to know about BlackVue dashcams? Check out the BlackVue Dashcam FAQ. How about Thinkware dashcams? Please see our Thinkware Dashcam FAQ. If you're particularly interested and have questions regarding Dashcam Parking Mode or BlackVue's Power Magic, then the Parking Mode & Power Magic FAQ is where you'll want to look. If you want to learn more about BlackVue's Over the Cloud service, then head on over to the BlackVue Over the Cloud FAQ page to learn all you'll need to know. Questions about orders, shipments, warranties, and returns? Go to the Ordering, Warranty, & Returns FAQ. Happy researching!

Dashcam Frequently Asked Questions

General Dashcam FAQ

Just getting started learning about dashcams? This page is for you.

BlackVue-Specific Dashcam FAQ

If you have questions about any dashcams or software made specifically by BlackVue, we'll discuss those here.

Thinkware-Specific Dashcam FAQ

If you have questions about any dashcams or software made specifically by Thinkware, we'll discuss those here.

Parking Mode & Power Magic FAQ

We get many questions about both Parking Mode and the Power Magic Pro, so here they are, answered.

BlackVue Over the Cloud FAQ

A quick explanation of the BlackVue "Over the Cloud" service, how it works, and the benefits to personal drivers or business owners.

Thinkware Cloud FAQ

We explain the Thinkware Cloud service and how it works so well for those who are business owners as well as personal drivers.

Ordering, Warranty, Shipping & Returns FAQ

The Dashcam Store policies regarding placing orders on our website, product warranties, shipping, support and returns.

To request additional information, please don't hesitate to contact us. We give our best effort to respond to all inquiries within 1 business day.