Dashcams with GPS

This category or collection of dashcams all feature GPS (Global Positioning System) data logging capabilities. What this means is that these dashcams contain a built in GPS signal receiver that is used to keep record of your vehicle's physical location as you drive. Along with your position, GPS will also keep track of your speed. Later when you are playing back your dashcam video footage on your computer or laptop, you will also be watching a simultaneous Google (or similar) map view showing your vehicle moving around, and how fast it was going. An example image of software used to play back footage from a GPS-enabled BlackVue dashcam is shown below (click the image for a larger version):

dashcam with GPS position and speed software map playback example

Why would someone want to have a dashcam with GPS? GPS position data doesn't lie. This information can be used to prove you were where you said you were, and when you were there. Or the GPS speed information could be used to defend yourself from an unwarranted speeding ticket (for example in the case of a malfunctioning or out of calibration speed camera or radar gun). Perhaps one of the best reasons for utilizing GPS data logging is for fleet vehicle owners to keep track of where their employees are driving. With fuel costs being a significant expense to business owners, ensuring optimal routes are taken and that vehicles are only used for the intended business purpose can be a massive cost savings.

Since the GPS signals are coming from satellites orbiting overhead, an antenna is used to receive these signals. The GPS antenna may be built-in to the dashcam, or it may be an optional plug-in antenna. Please see each product's page for more information.

GPS is a completely passive system (your dashcam only sits and 'listens' for the messages from GPS satellites), and communications are only one-way (from the satellite to your dashcam) meaning there is absolutely no cost and no monthly fees associated with having GPS logging on your dashcam! The GPS information received by your dashcam is completely free of charge, now and forever.

While dashcams with GPS provide stored information on your speed and location, dashcams with GPS do not provide you with driving directions.

Feeling a bit lost or overwhelmed? Please feel free to peruse our Dashcam Buyer's Guide which can help point you in the right direction when choosing which dashcam may be best for you.