3-Channel Dashcams

A 3-channel dashcam combines three different recording angles into one system. While normal two-channel dash cams do a pretty good job of covering most angles, there's always a weak point that two cameras simply can't cover effectively. Whether it's a front + rear system lacking important moments from the interior of the vehicle or a front + interior system that is severely limited by what it can catch out of your rearview window, there's always the unlucky chance that a crucial detail happened just out of sight. You can rest easy knowing all your bases are covered with a 3CH system.

basic single lens dashcam placement explanation diagram

Benefits of 3-channel dashcams:

  • Complete and total coverage in and around your vehicle
  • Variety of unique models specialized for individual vehicle and customer needs
  • Ideal for Taxis, Fleets, Parents of Teens, and Rideshare (Uber, Lyft) Professionals
  • Optional 4G Cloud-Capable for Live Remote Viewing and Real-time Event Notifications

If these are the features that you’re looking for, then a 3-channel dashcam very well might be for you or your business.

Feeling a bit lost or overwhelmed? Please feel free to review our Dashcam Buyer's Guide which can help point you in the right direction when choosing which dashcam is best for you.