How To Edit Dashcam Footage

Do you want to post your dashcam videos on YouTube? Share something interesting you saw with a coworker, insurance agency, or the police? Maybe you want to send us a video for some cash? Whatever your goal, you’ll likely want to trim down any excess footage, perhaps remove some potentially explicit audio, or even combine a couple of clips to illustrate your point.

Given that, we have composed three guides on how you can do basic editing to your videos using already installed FREE software. Our how-to guides cover the basics for simple dashcam footage editing on Windows 7 and Windows 10 as well as the latest MacOS operating systems, using all free software.

How To Edit Dashcam Footage

We have broken down each simple editing task for you, step by step, with images as well as a video that follows accompanies each how-to guide. Please choose the appropriate guide for your computer below:

How do I check which Windows operating system I am using? Go to "Start", type "About", and then click either "About PC" or "System". Alternate method of determining your version of Windows: On your keyboard, press the "Windows logo" key + "R". Type winver in the box, then click "OK".