Rideshare Dashcam Bundles

Have the truth on your side, every ride. Letting strangers in your vehicle presents risks to you and your property, thankfully those risks can be mitigated by using an outside and inside-facing dashcam system. Unruly passenger? False accusation? Need evidence that a cleaning fee is justified? A rideshare dashcam has you fully covered!

These high-quality 2 or 3-channel bundle solutions by BlackVue, Thinkware, Vantrue and VIOFO are designed to protect you, your vehicle and your passengers while you are working your full time Taxi/Uber/Lyft/TNC/MSP job or even just your rideshare side hustle. Bundles include everything needed for the at-home DIY'er or to be provided to your trusted professional installer.

Same money and protect yourself! A Win-Win situation for those hard working rideshare drivers out there.

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BlackVue 2 & 3-Channel Solutions Thinkware 2-Channel Solutions Vantrue 2 & 3-Channel Solutions

We have assembled these rideshare dashcam solutions from several top-of-the-line brands in the industry. BlackVue provides your 3-channel solutions (front, rear and interior recording) by combining two systems into one bundle. Thinkware and Vantrue bundles offer the less-complex 2-channel (front and interior recording) setups.

The BlackVue bundles feature a combination of both 2-channel infrared and 1-channel cameras, giving you an astounding 60fps recordings on 2 of the 3 angles, and the STARVIS sensor on all 3 angles for the highest quality recording offered by BlackVue.

The Thinkware bundle includes the FA200 and its associated infrared camera. This camera gives you the 135-degree viewing angle on the front and inside cameras, with 1080p and 720p respectively with the Sony EXMOR CMOS Sensor.

The Vantrue and VIOFO are probably the most versatile of all the bundles, as they are triple-lens dashcam systems for recording in front of, inside, and even behind your vehicle.

All Rideshare Dash Cam DIY Bundles Include:

  • Hardwiring Harness: a brand-appropriate direct-wire wire harness. This will allow a direct integration with your vehicle's fuse box, which gets rid of the standard plug-in connection at the cigarette lighter power outlet. This will also safely enable "parking mode" to protect your vehicle when parked and help prevent you from ever having a dead car battery.
  • A Circuit Tester: This tool, also called a test light, will help you locate your fuse box’s 'always-on' and 'switched' fuses. This will come in handy when you connect the direct-wire solution to the fuse box.
  • Add-A-Circuit Fuse Taps: These fuse taps crimp on to the end of the direct-wire harness, so you can plug the harness in to your fuse box. This installation method is fully reversible and your vehicle's factory wiring and warranty will remain fully intact!