Thinkware Direct-Wire Hardwiring Kit | TWA-SH | For U1000, Q800, F800, F770, FA200, F200 Pro, F100, F50, etc.

Thinkware Direct-Wire Hardwiring Kit | For U1000, Q800Pro, F800/800Pro, FA200, F200, F70, F50, etc.

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Thinkware's TWA-SH is a hardwiring cable that connects your Thinkware dash camera directly to your vehicle’s fuse panel, which allows the camera’s parking surveillance mode to function while the vehicle’s ignition is turned off. The built-in voltage meter in the main unit will be activated to monitor the battery level. It will automatically shut off the device if the voltage dips below the configurable voltage cut-off level.

Around-the-clock Surveillance for Your Car
The Thinkware Hardwiring cable enables the Intelligent Parking Surveillance feature, which captures all events surrounding your vehicle while it is parked. Available in all Thinkware dashcams, hit-and-run and vandalism attempts will be captured which can be used for insurance purposes.

Advanced Monitoring
The hardwiring installation allows the dash cam to automatically switch to parking mode when the ignition is off. Operating at low power consumption levels, the dash cam constantly monitors for motion and impact events.

Record Much Longer
Powered by your vehicle’s battery, Thinkware dashcams record for much longer than conventional dashcams equipped with rechargeable batteries, which is often hindered by the lackluster performance and short operation time. With your Thinkware dash cam hardwired, it can stay recording for much longer durations (up to 48 hours), and can be set to shut down automatically if the dash cam detects low voltage from the vehicle battery to prevent drainage.


  • Connects the main dash cam unit to the vehicle’s fuse panel (Professional Installation Recommended)
  • Enables Parking Surveillance mode with impact and motion detection when the car is parked
  • Activates the built-in voltage meter in the main unit which monitors the battery level and automatically shuts off the device if low voltage is detected
  • The voltage cut-off level is adjustable from 11.6V to 12.3V/23.2V to 24.6V on the Thinkware PC Viewer
  • Hardwiring cable is compatible with all Thinkware dashcams (except F550)

Installation Guide

Compatible with the following Thinkware dashcams (partial list):

OEM equipment by Thinkware Dashcams.