Garmin Parking Mode Kit | MicroUSB Direct-Wire Power Cable

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Looking to "hard-wire" your Garmin Dash Cam to your vehicle's electrical system? Garmin's direct-wire power cable harness is exactly what you need to enable parking mode on your dashcam.

Connect your compatible Garmin Dash Cam™ to constant power and monitor motion detected in front of your vehicle even when parked and turned off.

Please Note: Garmin recommends not using a generic cable due to their rigorous requirement for stable charging. Keep your Garmin Dash Cam recording safely by using genuine Garmin accessories.

Brand new OEM (original) equipment from Garmin.


  • Cable Length - 12’ (4m)
  • Constant Power, Switched Power and Ground Input Connections
  • MicroUSB Power Output


CAUTION! Garmin® strongly recommends having an experienced installer with the proper knowledge of electrical systems install the device. Incorrectly wiring the power cable can result in damage to the vehicle or the battery and can cause bodily injury.

  1. Route the parking mode cable accessory to a location in the vehicle with constant power, switched power, and a ground connection.
  2. Connect the BATT wire to a constant power source.
  3. Connect the ACC wire to a switched power source.
  4. Connect the GND wire to the bare metal of the vehicle's chassis using an existing bolt or screw.
  5. Plug the parking mode cable accessory into the USB port on the camera.

Compatible with the following Garmin dashcams:

  • Garmin Dash Cam™ 45
  • Garmin Dash Cam™ 55
  • Garmin Dash Cam™ 65W
  • Garmin Speak™ Plus Dash Cam

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