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Thinkware OBD-II Constant Power Parking Mode Cable

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Enjoy 24/7 protection with the new Thinkware OBD-II Constant Power Cable! Once the cable is easily installed (simply "plug and play") into the vehicle's on-board diagnostic (OBD) port, your Thinkware dash cam will receive power at all times, even when your vehicle is off, so you can rest easy.

Professional Installation Without Hardwiring

The OBD-II power cable is designed for easy installation with seamless integration enabling the built-in Parking Surveillance Mode in your Thinkware Dashcam. No need to mess with tedious panel removals and hardwiring. Simply plug the cable into your OBD-2 port and you're done!

Note on Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Due to the significant powertrain differences of hybrid and electric cars and trucks as compared to traditional gas or diesel vehicles, this Thinkware cable is not likely to be 100% compatible with hybrid and full electric vehicles, therefore we do not recommend purchasing this cable for those types of vehicles (e.g. Chevy Volt, Tesla Model 3, Toyota Prius, etc). Should you wish to unlock Parking Mode functionality for Thinkware on an electric or hybrid car or truck, please install the dash cam using a Thinkware Direct-Wire Cable instead (sold separately)

4 Parking Modes Activated!

The OBD cable allows the activation of the Thinkware dash cam parking Mode, The unit will start after 2.5 minutes to allow for vehicles with stop/start technology.

  • Motion Detection
    • While in Motion Detection mode, your camera will automatically wake and began recording for 20 seconds any time motion is detected.
  • Impact Detection
    • The Active Impact Monitoring System will automatically store the video data ten seconds prior to and after a collision registered by the 3-axis G-Sensor.
  • Time Lapse Mode*
    • Time Lapse maximizes parking mode footage by reducing video file sizes. While in Time Lapse Mode the camera will record 2 frames per second with no audio resulting in a 10 minute period that is condensed into a 15-second video file.
  • Energy Saving Mode*
    • The dashcam will go to sleep and automatically wake up after an impact has been detection by built-in G-sensor and began recording for next 20 seconds.

*Available on Select Dash Cams

Compatible with the following Thinkware dashcams:

* Not compatible with Thinkware F550 Dash Cam

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