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Thinkware iVolt Xtra Battery Pack

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Thinkware's new iVolt Xtra BAB-95 External Battery, a step up from the previous iVolt Mini BAB-50, is designed to supercharge your Thinkware dashcam's parking mode for extended use. Combining upgraded performance with additional capacity, the iVolt Xtra ensures your parking mode lasts even longer.

The sleek aluminum casing adds a touch of modern elegance to the package, making it not just efficient but also a stylish accessory. Plus, with the Bluetooth companion app, you'll always stay know exactly how your device is doing. Stay powered up and never miss a moment with the iVolt Xtra.

Benefits of Using a Dedicated Battery Pack for Your Dash Cam

  • Extended Parking Mode: When your dashcam is hardwired, it can capture footage in Parking Mode for perhaps 8 hours, depending on your vehicle's battery life, before it needs to power down to conserve energy. But with the iVolt, your 1-Channel dashcam can roll for a whopping 30 hours, and your 2-Channel can keep going for 27 hours before you need to juice up the battery pack. With iVolt, you get more power, more recording time, and less worry about battery recharge.
  • Safe for All Vehicles: With today's vehicles becoming more technologically advanced, battery drainage can lead to more than just a simple battery replacement. It could necessitate an expensive trip to the dealership for a complete reset of the vehicle's electronics. By using a standalone, dedicated battery pack strictly for your dashcam, you will still be able to use our Advanced Parking Mode, risk-free.
  • Extended Parking Mode: With a Hardwired Dash Cam, the constant discharge on the battery over a long period of time can cause wear and tear. The iVolt Battery Pack only draws power to charge when you are driving the vehicle, which prevents damage to the vehicle’s battery over time. With the ignition off, the Dash Cam relies solely on the Battery Pack for power, completely eliminating the need to draw power from the vehicle’s battery.
High Capacity Xtra Long Run Time

High Capacity Xtra Long Run Time

The iVolt Xtra, with a capacity of 7500mAh / 96Wh, offers an impressive 66% power increase over the iVolt Mini, providing your Thinkware 2-channel dashcam with extended operating time of up to 27 hours* in Motion Detection Parking Mode. Additionally, in Energy Saving Mode, the battery can keep your dashcam powered for an extensive period of up to 960 hours (40 days)*. This ensures that your dashcam is always ready to capture events, even during long parking periods.

iVolt Bluetooth Battery App

iVolt Bluetooth Battery App

The iVolt Xtra comes with it's own app, letting you check in on how your battery's doing, its performance, and even its temperature. And to make things even easier, it's got Bluetooth built right in. So, just pair it up with your smartphone and you're good to go.

Fast Charging

Fast Charging

Even with a larger capacity compared to the iVolt Mini, the iVolt Xtra boasts a quick charge feature that allows it to be fully charged in as little as 55 minutes*. It can also be completely charged in standard mode in 100 minutes* without any negative impact on its lifespan. Conveniently, this external battery recharges while you drive, ensuring your dashcam stays powered even when your car's ignition is switched off.

Smart Charging

Smart Charging

The Smart Charging feature of the iVolt Xtra ensures the battery's safety by preventing overcharging, over-discharging, sudden changes in input voltage, and low voltage, all made possible by the PCM (Protection Circuit Module). It also includes a Heat Protection mechanism during charging. If the temperature of the dashcam climbs above 80°C, the battery automatically shuts off its power, as well as the power to the dash cam, as a safety measure.

Safe LiFePo4 Technology

Safe LiFePo4 Technology

Made from Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4), the iVolt Xtra battery is safer and more reliable than typical lithium-ion counterparts. The lifespan is three times longer than lithium-ion and nickel-based batteries, making it an enduring choice.

Compatible with Electric Vehicles

Compatible with Electric Vehicles

The iVolt Xtra External Battery can be securely hardwired into both electric and gasoline-powered vehicles. However, certain electric vehicles, such as Teslas, cannot accommodate a hardwired BAB-95 installation due to the absence of a traditional fuse box.

* Based on 2-channel dashcam in Motion & Detection Mode. Charging and run time may vary depending on the dashcam model and the environment.

Compatible with all THINKWARE Dashcam models.**

** Requires Hardwiring Cable (sold separately). Some Thinkware dashcams come with hardwiring cable included. Please check when purchasing.


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The iVolt Xtra requires a direct connection to an accessory-switched 12v DC power source, ideally the vehicle fuse box.

  • Power Input (from vehicle): connect the battery pack 2-wire input power wire harness to a ground point and also to the fuse panel using one of the included "plug and play" fuse taps.
  • Power Output (to Thinkware dash cam): connect the battery pack 3-wire output wire harness to a Thinkware direct-wire harness, not included. This direct-wire harness is sold separately (or may be included already with your Thinkware dual-lens dash cam kit).

Click here for a simple tutorial on how to install your Thinkware iVolt Mini External Battery Pack!

Included in the Box

  • iVolt Xtra External Battery
  • Input Cable
  • Output Cable
  • Communication Extension Cable
  • Fuse Tap (3 Types)
  • Fuse (4 pieces of 20A fuses: 2x Mini, 1x ATO and 1x Micro)
  • Velcro Tape (2 pieces)
  • Quick Start Guide

Standby Time

Model Motion Detection Mode Energy Saving Mode
iVolt Mini 16 hours 576 hours (24 days)
iVolt Xtra (This Item) 27 hours 960 hours (40 days)

iVolt Xtra Specifications

Model iVolt Xtra External Battery
Input Voltage / Current
  1. Standard Charging: 12.0 V -15.5 V / Max 6.5 A
  2. Fast Charging: 12.0 V -15.5 V / Max 13.0 A
Output Voltage / Current
  1. Dash Cam: 11.0 V – 14.2 V / Max. 2.0 A
  2. USB: 5.0 V / Max 2.0 A
Charging Voltage / Current
  1. Standard: 14.2 V / Max 4.5 A
  2. Fast: 14.2 V / Max 8.5 A
Charging Time
  1. Standard: 100 minutes
  2. Fast: 55 minutes
Usage Time
  1. 2ch Parking Mode: 27 hours
  2. 2ch Energy Saving Mode: 960 hours
Battery LiFePo4 (Lithium iron phosphate)
Battery Capacity 12.8 V 7500 mAh
Dimensions (WxDxH) 6.10 x 8.46 x 1.38 in (155.0 x 215.0 x 35.0 mm)
Weight 3.504 lb (1.589kg)
Operating Temperature Charging 32°~113°F (0°~45°C)
Discharging 14°~140°F (-10°~60°C)
Storage Temperature -4°~140°F (-20°C ~ 60°C)

OEM equipment from Thinkware. Professional installation is recommended.

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