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The Dashcam Store Blog

How To Edit Dashcam Footage on Windows 7 Using Free Software

Want to learn how to compile last week’s dashcam footage to make a "highlight reel" of your family’s recent road trip? Maybe you need to send a video clip to a police officer or an insurance agent but you'd like to remove sensitive audio from the video first? Just want help trimming down a long [...]

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The Best Dashcams for Uber and Lyft Drivers in 2018

Whether you drive for a rideshare company as your side-hustle or you’ve committed to driving for Uber or Lyft as your full-time gig, you should absolutely protect yourself and your car with a dashcam while you’re on shift. While we’re of the opinion that everyone can benefit from the safety, security, and peace of mind [...]

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Garmin 45 / 55 / 65W Dashcam Unboxing | Pictures and Video

Click on the video below to watch our full Garmin 45 / 55 / 65W introduction, unboxing, and comparison: Hey everyone, your friends at The Dashcam Store here with another unboxing video. Today’s dashcams: Garmin Dash Cam 45 Garmin Dash Cam 55 Garmin Dash Cam 65W These three models are a collection of Garmins latest and greatest inexpensive, super-small [...]

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Unboxing the Thinkware F800 Pro Dashcam System

Click on the video below to watch our full Thinkware F800 Pro unboxing: Click on any image below to view a larger version: Hey everyone, your friends at The Dashcam Store here with another unboxing video! Today’s camera: the Thinkware F800 Pro, Thinkware’s brand new premium dashcam system. Available in both one- and two-channel configurations, the F800 [...]

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Red Means STOP: Intersection Accident

ALWAYS BE ATTENTIVE! This dashcam footage is brought to you from a family member of one of our very own at The Dashcam Store, here in Austin, TX. The violent impact of the two cars completely removed an axle and a fully intact wheel of a crossing BMW, along with serious body damage to both vehicles. [...]

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Unboxing the Thinkware F100 Dashcam System

Today we have the unboxing and some sample footage for the Thinkware F100, Thinkware’s newest mid-range system. Available in both one- and two-channel options (with a nice variety of second camera options), the F100 is a sleek and dependable dashcam setup that is suitable for both regular drivers and commercial fleets as well. Featuring [...]

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Premium Dashcam Showdown: BlackVue DR900S vs DR750S

Since the release of BlackVue's newest 4K dashcams, everyone asks us which is better; the DR900S series (which has stunning 4K resolution and runs @30 frames per second) or the DR750S series (which has beautiful Full HD 1080p and records at an amazingly smooth @60 frames per second). Well, that is not an easy [...]

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BlackVue DR900S Series 4K Dashcam Update

Numerous people have asked about the DR900S-2CH and DR900S-1CH 4K dash​cam. After a first glimpse at the SEMA Show back in November and a release date estimated at the time for January 2018, interest was definitely piqued! Realizing the Vision As the first 4K dash​cam, BlackVue wanted the DR900S Series (DR900S-1CH and DR900S-2CH) to be a [...]

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Parking Mode & Power Magic Pro FAQs

Hello safe drivers and dash cam enthusiasts! In this blog post we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions all about parking mode. These questions cover several areas, including how a dash cam draws its power, what a parking surveillance feature does, and how to safely power your dash cam and utilize parking mode without draining [...]

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Motoforlyfe's Unboxing & Review: BlackVue DR750S-2CH Dash Cam

Dirtbike5100, aka Motoforlyfe on YouTube, recently created a comprehensive YouTube video about his initial impressions familiarizing himself with the new BlackVue DR750S-2CH dash cam. In case you're not familiar with his YouTube channel, Motoforlyfe has over 14,000 subscribers and posts all sorts of videos: motorcycles, cars, trucks, engines, and cameras. He also spends a lot [...]

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