3 Cheers For New 3-Channel Dash Camera Systems

3 Cheers For New 3-Channel Dash Camera Systems

Posted by The Dashcam Store on Feb 11, 2022

New 3-Channel Dash Cams For Sale At The Dashcam Store

Three-channel dash cam systems including brand new BlackVues, VIOFOs, and Vantrues are now available for purchase at The Dashcam Store!

3X The Coverage - 100% Protection

What are three-channel dash cams you may ask? Simply put, they ensure every angle is covered and nothing is missed. While normal two-channel dash cams do a pretty good job of covering most angles around your vehicle, there may be a gap that two cameras simply can't cover effectively. Whether it's a front + rear system lacking important moments from the interior of the vehicle or a front + interior system that is severely limited by what it can catch out of your rear window, there's always the unlucky chance that crucial detail happened just out of sight. So, you can see how such an innovative idea as, "just combine all three into one system", came to be!

There are many options to choose from when shopping for a three-channel dash cam. There are systems that have three separate camera units, and others that are compacted into just two (combined front + inside camera lenses in one unit, with a separate rear lens). Some feature unique designs for specific industry, vehicle, and customer needs. But not to worry, we here at The Dashcam Store are here to help, read on to learn more!

BlackVue's NEW 3CH Dash Cams

New BlackVue 3CH Dash Cams

BlackVue has finally released their first true three-channel dash series (750X-3CH-PLUS series) with three individual specialized versions designed to fit each unique situation.

Each DR750X-3CH model sports industry-leading features including 1080p Full HD 60FPS video recording, built-in WiFi & GPS, cloud capability, parking & collision modes, and the "latest and greatest" upgraded Sony STARVIS image sensors capable of capturing an unprecedented level of detail both day and night.


BlackVue DR750X-3CH-PLUS Front Interior & Rear Camera Footage
BlackVue DR750X-3CH-PLUS | The Best Of All Angles

The DR750X-3CH-PLUS is the standard model that will fit the majority of customers' needs. The system includes 3 separate cameras, for front + interior + rear video coverage. This is the perfect dash cam for rideshare drivers, parents of teens, company vehicles, or anyone else that wants all their bases covered. The interior camera also boasts infrared recording ensuring everything in your car is covered no matter how dark outside.


BlackVue DR750X-3CH-TRUCK-PLUS Mounted On Rear Of Tow Truck
BlackVue DR750X-3CH-TRUCK-PLUS | External Rear Camera Can Withstand Harsh Weather

The DR750X-3CH-TRUCK-PLUS is specifically designed for large vehicles, trailers, or those without a rear window. This model includes a front + interior + EXTERNAL rear camera. The rear camera is specifically designed to be mounted externally on a large truck or trailer, but use is not limited to just those examples. Not only is the external camera completely waterproof but it sports infrared recording as well for high quality video day and night.


BlackVue DR750X-3CH-DMS-PLUS DMS Info Graphic
BlackVue DR750X-3CH-DMS-PLUS | Detects Distracted And Drowsy Driving

The DR750X-3CH-DMS-PLUS model is the most specialized and unique among the three. This model includes a front + DMS + rear camera. What's unique about the DMS (Driver Monitoring System) model is the internal infrared driver-facing camera: it is designed to monitor driver safety and help prevent risky driving behavior, perfect for fleet trucks and cars. The DMC100 infrared interior camera monitors the driver at all times, it can detect potentially dangerous situations such as distracted driving and drowsiness. When detected, the camera emits a beep to alert the driver and will trigger a push notification to the fleet owner/manager if connected via BlackVue Cloud service.

Additional 3-Channel Dash Cam Systems

BlackVue isn't the only name in the game, check out a few other high-quality options for all-around dash cam coverage.


VIOFO A139-3CH Graphic
VIOFO A139-3CH | Affordable and Reliable

The reliable and affordable VIOFO A139-3CH three-channel (triple camera) dashcam provides total coverage of your vehicle – both inside and out! Perfect for rideshare (Uber/Lyft) or anyone else who wants to record what happens inside the vehicle as well as what happens in front of and behind. The front camera includes a Sony STARVIS image sensor that records crystal clear footage at 2K (1440p) resolution at 30fps. Both the interior and rear camera record in Full HD (1080p) for excellent video quality all around the vehicle.

Less Can Mean More

2 Unit 3-Channel Systems
Triple Camera Dash Cams In Just Two Units

For those looking for all the benefits a three-camera system has to offer without the addition of the extra camera, cables, and installation, VIOFO and Vantrue have you covered. These dash cams pack the front and interior cameras into one unit, providing a simplified package while maintaining all the best features you would want, and rear camera coverage too.


VIOFO T130-3CH Rotation Example
VIOFO T130-3CH | Features A Rotatable Interior Camera

The front camera of the T130-3CH includes the Sony STARVIS image sensor that records crystal clear footage at 2K (1440p) resolution at 30fps. Both the infrared interior and rear camera record in Full HD (1080p) for excellent video quality all around the vehicle. The T130 also comes with built-in WiFi, GPS, super night vision, and various parking modes.

But the best and most unique feature of the T130 is the rotatable interior camera that can be quickly adjusted to point towards your driver-side window, great for recording conversations with police, riders, or anyone else approaching your vehicle.

Vantrue N4 3CH

Vantrue N4-3CH LCD Screen & Rear Camera
Vantrue N4 | 3-Channel Coverage and Large LCD Playback Screen

Vantrue's N4 simultaneously captures the road ahead of you, behind you, and your passengers, all at high resolution and an excellent price point. The N4 is priced much lower than comparable 3 or 4-channel commercial fleet solutions. The flexibility of the N4 makes it the perfect solution for Uber & Lyft drivers, teens, commuters, and dashcam enthusiasts and many other types of drivers too.

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose more specialized and versatile three-channel dash cams or more compact and straightforward ones we all can benefit from all-around protection. Rideshare (Lyft & Uber) drivers, teen drivers, taxi companies, and anyone else obtain some peace of mind while on the road. No matter what happens (or where), you'll be sure to have the evidence, if necessary.

The team here at The Dashcam Store is always happy to speak with you online or over the phone, please contact us with any additional questions or concerns.

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