SmartWitness: Ultimate Professional Fleet Dash Cam Solutions

SmartWitness: Ultimate Professional Fleet Dash Cam Solutions

Posted by The Dashcam Store on Mar 02, 2021

Why should you purchase a dashcam? If you own or manage a business, then the answer is already apparent. With video capture systems, you have undeniable witness to anything and everything that happens with your fleet. And with Smartwitness, be able to remotely access that footage anywhere and get immediate event notifications when something does happen.

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SmartWitness is THE ultimate video and audio recording solution for fleet vehicles! Using cutting edge technology and premium quality components, SmartWitness video and data are smartly integrated into GPS, advanced video telematics and fleet management software. All data including GPS locations and driver behavior are available at your fingertips via a web-based GPS/telematics interface. Track your vehicles anytime, anywhere with live-remote viewing via built-in 4G-LTE and efficiently manage your fleet 24/7.

SmartWitness CP2-LTE Front + Cabin Professional Fleet Dash Cam | The Dashcam Store Blog

Each of the three SmartWitness solutions, the CP2-LTE (above), CP4 and CRX, is tamperproof with the ability to secure the inner workings of the unit under lock and key. Know that your video files are safe and securely stored on a SD memory card that can be expanded if necessary. Using supercapacitors instead of lithium batteries, these units are extremely temperature resistant in both severe heat and cold conditions. Have confidence that each unit will work efficiently and effectively, no matter the situation or location.

SmartWitness CP2-LTE Front + Cabin Professional Fleet Dash Cam SmartView Software | The Dashcam Store Blog

The first in the SmartWitness line of products is the CP2-LTE. This outstanding one or two-channel solution captures video either in front of only, or in front of and inside the cabin of your vehicle. An excellent choice for capturing the road ahead or the interior of the vehicle should there be a need for recording the driver or passengers. The CP2-LTE records in high-quality HD 1080p video in front and 720p via the optional interior-facing camera.

Also available as a secondary camera to the CP2-LTE is the new driver behavior monitoring camera, to ensure your drivers are not engaging in potentially dangerous activities (such as texting or falling asleep) while on the road in your vehicles. Please contact our fleet specialist team for more information.

SmartWitness CP4 4-Channel Professional Fleet Dash Cam | The Dashcam Store Blog

For more advanced configurations – the CP4 (shown above) offers more capabilities, with the ability to capture up to 4-channels of HD-video simultaneously, GPS tracking, etc. Great for monitoring buses, waste-disposal vehicles, and commercial transports.

SmartWitness CP4 4-Channel Professional Fleet Dash Cam with 4 Example Cameras | The Dashcam Store Blog

Connect up to 4 cameras throughout the vehicle, almost anywhere you want – even monitor hard to see blind spots with external cameras feeding footage directly to an optional, external LCD display to assist your driver when navigating in tight spots.

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Finally, we come to SmartWitness’ most advanced system – the CRX (shown above). Have complete coverage inside, outside and/or around your vehicle with up to 8 different camera angles of simultaneous HD video and audio capture. Along with tamper-proof case, GPS, the reliability of supercapacitor technology and hours and hours of video storage capacity and more – your fleet is protected all day and all night.

SmartWitness CRX 8-Channel Professional Dash Cam Example Video and Data Analytics | The Dashcam Store Blog

For the most comprehensive coverage available for your business and fleet – The SmartWitness suite of in-car video cameras (aka "black boxes") are the perfect video telematics solutions for you and your business! Whether it be the standard CP2-LTE, the advanced CP4 or the super-robust CRX, there is a solution for your needs.

To find out more please contact us! Our fleet sales team is available Monday – Friday from 9am to 6pm CST to answer any questions or address any concerns in finding the right video capture dash cam solution for your business. Wholesale discounts are available.

As always, drive safe and stay safe!

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