A Big PLUS For the BlackVue 900X Series Has Arrived

A Big PLUS For the BlackVue 900X Series Has Arrived

Posted by The Dashcam Store on Sep 16, 2021

The New DR900X-PLUS Series Dash Cam
For Sale Now At The DashCam Store

BlackVue DR900X-PLUS Series models are now available for purchase at The Dashcam Store! The new X-PLUS Series replaces all of the previous 900S and 900X models:

What's New With The PLUS Series?

Building on the success of the original and highly successful DR900S and DR900X models, the new X-PLUS adds several upgrades to an already feature-packed dash camera.

Upgraded Sony STARVIS Sensor

Upgraded Sony STARVIS Image Sensor Example Graphic
Upgraded Sony STARVIS Sensor Image Quality Comparison

Now featuring the latest upgraded Sony STARVIS image sensor, the DR900X-PLUS is capable of capturing an even higher level of detail in both day and night.

Notice above how the dark spots in the "day" example are more detailed with the 900X-PLUS, and how the bright spots in the "night" example are now much improved, allowing you to clearly capture that critical license plate information. A massive improvement in video quality in the extreme ranges of lighting situations!

1CH Now Expandable to 2CH!

BlackVue DR900X-PLUS Secondary Cameras
Three Optional Additional Cameras

You no longer have to decide between a 1CH (Front-Only) or 2CH (Front & Secondary Camera) off the bat! The DR900X-1CH-PLUS now comes with a secondary camera input port allowing you to upgrade to a 2CH system in the future, great for first-time dash cam owners and those on a budget.

BlackVue produces three different secondary cameras, all with unique features perfect for any vehicle or need.

  • Rear Facing Camera: Capture everything behind your car in full HD 1080p giving you near-complete coverage.

  • Interior Facing Camera: Perfect for rideshare drivers, parents with teenagers, company vehicles, or any other application where recording INSIDE the vehicle is of paramount concern. The infrared lights ensure everything and everyone is recorded no matter the lighting condition.

  • Exterior Camera: Completely waterproof, infrared, and designed to be mounted on the location of your choosing on the exterior of your vehicle. This is perfect for heavy-duty trucks, trailers, or vehicles without a rear windshield to record out of.

Seamless App Pairing

BlackVue DR900X-PLUS Seamless App Pairing
Connecting To Your BlackVue Is Now Easier Than Ever

BlackVue has completely overhauled their app so that connecting to your BlackVue is easier than ever. Easily connect to your dashcam without leaving the BlackVue App. Once connected, setup, changing settings, browsing files, and accessing the cloud is a breeze.

Turn Your BlackVue Into A Mobile HotSpot

Mobile HotSpot Graphic
Mobile HotSpot For Up To 5 Devices

With the optional "plug and play" LTE Module connected to the front camera of the DR900X-PLUS, the LTE module not only provides a data path up to the internet for your camera but can now turn it into a mobile hotspot for up to five devices.

The team here at The Dashcam Store is always happy to speak with you online or over the phone, please contact us with any additional questions or concerns.

Keep calm, drive safe, and protect yourself and your property with a BlackVue X-Series dash cam today!

The New DR900X-PLUS Series Dash Cam
For Sale Now At The DashCam Store
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Sep 16, 2021 Posted by The Dashcam Store