Infographic: Two Methods to Connect Wirelessly to Your BlackVue Dashcam - X-Series/LTE UPDATE

Infographic: Two Methods to Connect Wirelessly to Your BlackVue Dashcam - X-Series/LTE UPDATE

Posted by The Dashcam Store on Mar 25, 2021

BlackVue Dash Cam Wireless Connection Infographic Header

NOTE: This information is now updated for the 2021 BlackVue X-Series models (590X/750X/900X) and LTE-built-in models (750-LTE/750-IR-LTE). Originally based on our "Two Ways to Connect Wirelessly" 2019 Infographic.

There are two different methods you can use to connect to your BlackVue dash cam wirelessly, via your smartphone. The first and most basic is to connect directly to your BlackVue dash cam using the dash cam’s own built-in WiFi signal. Second and slightly more complicated, but infinitely more versatile, is to connect to your BlackVue using BlackVue's "Over the Cloud" cloud connection functionality. We'll dive in to both methods in detail below.

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Method 1 - Direct Connection Via Local WiFi

BlackVue Wireless Connection Infographic by The Dashcam Store | Method 1 - Direct WiFi

The first and most simple method allows you to connect directly to your BlackVue while you're within range of the dash cam’s own WiFi signal.

There are a couple of prerequisites you must meet in order to do this. The first requirement is that your dash cam is WiFi-capable. This feature is standard with the DR590X, DR750X, DR900X and DR750-LTE series dash cams from BlackVue (basically all BlackVue models except the base DR590 series), as well as from other models/manufacturers like the U1000 and Q800 Pro from Thinkware. The second requirement is that you are in range of your dash cam’s WiFi signal. Your BlackVue emits a WiFi signal that your phone can connect to, but again, you must be in range of the vehicle to connect. Think about this connection type as being like Bluetooth. When you are in range, you will be able connect to that WiFi signal. Once connected, you can open the free BlackVue app and use the live view feature, access your recorded clips, adjust your settings, and more.

Keep in mind that the dash cam WiFi doesn't actually provide "internet" access like most WiFi hotspots that you find in your home, work, or at a coffee shop. WiFi is just used here as a connection 'mechanism' between your phone and the BlackVue dash cam.

BlackVue Models with Local (Direct) WiFi Functionality:

Method 2 - Cloud Connection Via BlackVue 4G/LTE

BlackVue Wireless Connection Infographic by The Dashcam Store | Method 2 - Over the Cloud

The second method allows you to connect to your BlackVue from practically anywhere in the world, using BlackVue’s "Over the Cloud" service.

In order to do this, you must meet two specific requirements. First of all, your dash cam must be cloud-capable. This feature is standard on the current DR750X, DR900X, and DR750-LTE series dash cameras. With the 750X and 900X models, the second thing you will need is the new BlackVue LTE Connectivity Module, or a third-party mobile hotspot device in your vehicle. Mobile hotspots are sometimes built-in to your vehicle from the factory (e.g. GM's OnStar in-car WiFi), or are also available as standalone WiFi hotspot devices from your cellphone carrier.

You can plug in the LTE Connectivity Module via the USB port on the 750X/900X dash cam to "connect" the camera with the cloud, or you can pair the 750X/900X with an existing mobile hotspot. Once your dash cam is set up to utilize the 4G LTE signal, you can then access your dash cam from anywhere in the world, allowing you to harness the full feature set of the camera. Of course, your dash cam and hotspot must be on and active to access BlackVue Over-the-Cloud, something that is easy to do with BlackVue's parking mode and their compatible LTE module.

On the DR750-LTE series, LTE is built-in, so no other WiFi hotspot signal or LTE module is required! You only need to provide your own activated data-only SIM card to utilize the built-in 4G/LTE of the 750-LTE models.

Please click here for detailed information specifically about BlackVue's Over the Cloud service.

BlackVue Models with Remote (Cloud) Functionality:

NOTE: a limited "Lite" version of the Cloud will be available on the DR590X series in the future, via a specific 590X series plug-in cellular module.

Here's the complete BlackVue connectivity infographic, for your convenience:

BlackVue Wireless Connection Infographic by The Dashcam Store | Main Infographic

We do hope this quick explanation will help you make an informed decision and set expectations as to what each connection type can do for you. As always, drive safe!

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Mar 25, 2021 Posted by The Dashcam Store