BlackVue B-124E Battery Expansion Pack

BlackVue B-124E Ultra Battery Add-On Expansion Pack

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BlackVue's B-124E Expansion Battery Pack: now you can connect an Expansion Battery Pack to the B-124 Ultra Battery to more than double your capacity and Parking Mode time.

NOTE: A "starter" B-124 Battery Pack (sold separately) is required in order to use the B-124E Expansion Battery Pack. The Expansion Pack does not function by itself.

The Expansion Pack (B-124E) can store up to 6600mAh of power, so 10% more power than the Ultra Battery. Multiple Expansion Battery units can be connected in sequence to provide even larger capacity.

Easily double usage time by plugging in a Power Magic Expansion Battery B-124E (6,600 mAh / 84.5 Wh). When the Ultra Battery and 1 Expansion Battery are fully charged they can supply power for up to 56 hours in total (based on a single dashcam that consumes 3 Wh). Charging time is approximately 1 hour 40 mins (Cigarette lighter plug) / 60 mins (Hardwired).

When you add 1 or more expansion batteries please adjust the total available battery capacity using the BlackVue Battery manager app.

Multiple expansion batteries can be connected together in sequence to extend usage time even further. Please note charging time will also increase accordingly.

Battery Capacity

No. of battery packs Recommended battery capacity setting
1 Ultra Battery (B-124) 6,000 mAh
1 Ultra Battery (B-124) + 1 Expansion Battery (B-124E) 12,600 mAh
1 Ultra Battery (B-124) + 2 Expansion Batteries (B-124E) 19,200 mAh
1 Ultra Battery (B-124) + 3 Expansion Batteries (B-124E) 25,800 mAh

Battery Manager App

The B-124 Ultra Battery Pack supports Bluetooth for compatibility with the free dedicated BlackVue Battery Manager app (iOS/Android). When charging, the app displays charge percentage, charging voltage and expected remaining time until full charge. When ignition is off, the app informs you of the expected Parking Mode remaining time until depletion, based on the dashcam’s power consumption.

OEM equipment from PittaSoft BlackVue. Professional installation is recommended.


Model Power Magic Expansion Battery B-124E
Color / Size / Weight Black / 157 mm (W) x 171 mm (L) x 39.5 mm (H) / 1.3 kg
Battery Cell Type LiFePo4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
Charging Time Cigarette lighter plug (standard 5A charging): Approx. 1 hour 40 mins

Hardwired (rapid 9A charging): Approx. 60 mins

Hours of Use 1 (Ultra) + 1 (Expansion): Up to 56 hours in total (based on a single dashcam that consumes 3 Wh)
Operating Temperature Charging Temperature: 0 °C − 45 °C (32 °F − 113 °F)
Discharging Temperature: -10 °C − 60 °C (14 °F − 140 °F)
Storage Temperature: -10 °C − 60 °C (14 °F − 140 °F)
Capacity 12.8 V / 6,600 mAh / 84.5 Wh
Output Voltage / Current 11 V – 14.5 V / 2A (max)

User Manual

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