BlackVue DR750S-2CH-IR 1080p Dual-Lens WiFi GPS Dashcam w/ Infrared Interior Lens for Front and Inside

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The BlackVue DR750S-2CH-IR is BlackVue's best fleet/taxi/rideshare/TNC (Uber, Lyft) dual-lens dash cam yet, designed for recording in front of and inside the vehicle. The DR750S-2CH-IR (two channel - forward-facing and inside-facing with infrared LED lights) is the next evolution of the rock-solid DR650S-2CH-IR, with a few important upgrades. To learn more, please read on!

Our favorite things about the DR750S-2CH-IR

  • Thanks to "night vision" infrared LEDs, this model is perfect for commercial fleet or taxi, Uber, Lyft drivers, or parents of teen drivers
  • Framerate doubled! 60FPS from the front camera for fluid-like videos packed with detail
  • Full HD 1080p Sony STARVIS™ sensors in both front and inside cameras, for improved image quality even in low-light conditions
  • Event File Overwrite Protection: turn this new option on to protect up to 50 event files from being overwritten
  • Adaptive Format-Free File Management: improved recording stability and reduced need for periodic microSD card formatting
  • Scheduled Reboots in Parking Mode: enable this option to improve system stability. Like any computer user knows, regular reboots are never a bad idea to keep things running smoothly
  • GPS position and speed logging built-in, should you ever need to prove how fast you were going or where you were at any given time.
  • User-friendly and hassle-free controls make the DR750S-2CH-IR easy to use.
  • No lithium battery to overheat and cause problems, BlackVue dashcams use temperature-tolerant capacitors.

You may already be aware of this fact, but if you're not, we will state it again: BlackVue's DR750 series of dashcams is far superior to other options. We challenge you to identify a comparable dashcam that films beautiful wide-angle full-HD 1080p videos (with audio), has GPS speed and position logging built in, will accept up to a 128gb memory card, and can be accessed via local WiFi or remotely via the Cloud (from literally anywhere you have service for your smartphone), and also is discreet and beautifully designed and well-constructed. There's simply nothing else like the BlackVue DR750S dashcams available on the market today, period. While other brands try to play catch up, BlackVue continually raises the bar!

If you're familiar with the BlackVue product line, you are probably wondering how the new DR750S-2CH-IR compares to the previous generation DR650S-2CH-IR.

The primary improvements to the DR750S-2CH-IR when compared to the original DR650S-2CH-IR are:

  • Increased front camera video quality: 60fps vs 30fps
  • Increased inside camera video quality: 1080p vs 720p
  • Adaptive Format-Free File Management
  • Reduced power consumption of inside camera

The DR750S now uses the Sony STARVIS™ sensor with Full HD 1080p at up to 60FPS (frames per second) on the front camera. STARVIS imaging sensors are the new benchmark in mobile video clarity, especially under low light conditions. The extra clarity provided by the STARVIS sensors ensures that your dashcam will capture critical details whether you are driving your vehicle, or letting the DR750S-2CH monitor your vehicle while it is parked.

Of course, one of our favorite things about the BlackVue dashcams remains their incredible design: BlackVue has made their dashcams as small and stealthy as possible. We love showing our customers how these cameras easily tuck up and out of the way, usually being mounted on the front windshield in front of the rear view mirror. This way, the dashcam does not obstruct the view of the driver, and looks like a factory-installed accessory in just about any vehicle! Check out a few examples of BlackVue dashcams we have installed in customer vehicles in our dashcam installation photo galleries. You can quickly see how these cameras do not attract unwanted attention from thieves who may be looking for valuables left out in the open in your vehicle.

We do need to tell you a little bit more about the BlackVue-Over-the-Cloud features and functionality. In essence, as long as you have a WiFi hotspot signal available in your vehicle (it can be built-in such as GM's OnStar 4G/LTE, or via a mobile hotspot device from Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc), you will have remote access to your dashcam! Peek at the live view from the camera, see where your vehicle is or how fast it may be going, receive notifications of movement or motion, and more. Amazing stuff! Click here to learn more about this fantastic and innovative feature available on the new BlackVue Over-the-Cloud service.

The DR750S-2CH-IR will constantly record your surroundings in front of and behind your vehicle while driving; just plug the DR750S into the cigarette lighter power plug and it will record for you automatically and seamlessly. The DR750S’s parking mode works equally well: when the vehicle is stationary, the DR750S dashcam is smart enough to "watch" all the time, but only start actually recording to the memory card when the built-in G-sensors detect any haphazard activity (a gentle bump to the vehicle for example), or if motion is detected in front of the lens (someone prowling around the car), therefore preventing you from having to sort through a memory card full of unnecessary recordings.

A Note on Memory Cards

BlackVue dashcams include a 16, 32, 64, or 128GB memory card. While the memory cards are removable and the card slots will accept other brands of memory cards, we strongly suggest the use of only BlackVue memory cards in the BlackVue dashcams, as the use of a non BlackVue memory card may cause performance issues and may void your manufacturer’s warranty.

BlackVue OEM memory cards are industrial-grade and are designed and tested to withstand the extreme temperatures and the constant read/write cycles of high quality dashcams. Consumer-grade memory cards such as those from SanDisk or Samsung are simply not up to the task. Stick with the OEM BlackVue memory cards to ensure your dashcams are always recording when it matters most.


For parking mode, you either need to plug the DR750S-2CH-IR into a cigarette lighter power outlet that is on all the time (even when the car is turned off), or you can opt for the Power Magic Pro which is a BlackVue accessory that quickly integrates with your car's fuse box and will supply constant power to the 750 (while also ensuring your car battery does not drop too low). Get the BlackVue DR750S-2CH-IR and Power Magic Pro combo for ultimate protection and peace of mind!

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Full Feature List

  • Maximum Video Resolution: 1920x1080p 60 FPS (front), 1920x1080p 30 FPS (inside)
  • Dual Sony STARVIS™ video sensors (front and inside )
  • Wired inside-facing camera
  • No Screen
  • 139 degree viewing angle (front)
  • 139 degree viewing angle (inside)
  • Video file format: .MP4
  • Video codec: H.264
  • GPS logging (with internal antenna)
  • Motion Detection
  • G-Sensor
  • Low-light functionality
  • Loop Recording
  • Adjustable Exposure
  • Audio Recording
  • Date Stamp
  • Auto Power-Off
  • English
  • Day/Night Mode
  • Delayed Shutdown
  • Certification: KC, FCC, CE, TELEC, RoHS, WEEE
  • Interfaces: power
  • Memory Card Type: Micro SD up to 128gb
  • Includes Playback Software: Yes (Windows and Mac)
  • Country of manufacture: South Korea
  • Operating temperature range: -4° to 140°(F) or -20° to 60°(C)
  • Capacitor (instead of Lithium battery)

Installation Photo Galleries

Toyota Prius:

BlackVue DR750S-2CH-IR & Power Magic Pro Installed in a Toyota Prius

User Manuals

Compatiable Add-Ons/Accessories

The bottom line

The BlackVue DR750S-2CH-IR is a nice upgrade from the trusty DR650S-2CH-IR, and it works undeniably well as a reliable dash cam with inside-facing "night vision". The DR750S offers everything you need in a dash cam including both front and inside video recording, perfect for Uber/Lyft/taxi drivers or to be deployed in your fleet vehicles. If compact form factor and advanced technology is what you want, then look no further. The cloud-capable DR750S-2CH-IR is made just for you.

Please note, this item can only be shipped to addresses inside the United States, Canada, or Mexico. We apologize for any inconvenience to our international customers.

The Dashcam Store™ is an authorized North American distributor of the BlackVue product line. Beware of unauthorized or gray-market third-party sellers!

*** In stock and shipping now! Order yours today ***

Maximum Video Resolution:
1080p (1920x1080) Full HD (front & rear)
60 FPS (front), 30 FPS (rear)
Built-in Screen:
Viewing Angle (degrees):
139° (front), 145° (rear)
Video File Format:
Video Codec:
Motion Detection:
Voice Alerts:
Voice Commands:
Low-light functionality:
GPS Position Logging:
Yes, built-in
Loop Recording:
HDR (enhance video quality):
Adjustable Exposure:
Audio Recording:
Yes, can be disabled
Date/Time Stamp:
Custom Text Overlay:
Auto Power Off:
Day/Night Mode:
Video segment selection:
1/2/3 min
Screen Time-out:
Rear Camera In
Memory Card Type:
MicroSD, 16/32/64/128gb
Includes Desktop Software:
Yes, Windows & Mac
Includes Mobile App:
Yes, Android & IOS
Number of Lenses:
Yes, Direct Connection & Cloud Capable
Operating Temperature:
-20° C – 60° C (-4° F – 140° F)
1 Year Manufacturer

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