BlackVue DR750S-2CH-Truck Dual 1080p Dash Cam with Waterproof External Rear Camera | Box Truck Example Coverage

BlackVue DR750S-2CH-Truck 1080p Dual-Lens GPS WiFi Dashcam w/ Waterproof Infrared Rear Lens

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*** The DR750S-2CH-TRUCK has been discontinued and is no longer available, please see the new DR770X-2CH-TRUCK replacement model instead ***

*** The DR750S-2CH-TRUCK has been discontinued and is no longer available, please see the new DR770X-2CH-TRUCK replacement model instead ***

*** The DR750S-2CH-TRUCK has been discontinued and is no longer available, please see the new DR770X-2CH-TRUCK replacement model instead ***

The BlackVue DR750S-2CH-Truck replaces the previous generation DR650S-2CH-Truck. The new DR750S-2CH-Truck is a dual 1080p Full HD dual lens dash cam with local access over direct WiFi connection, or cloud-based access via third-party WiFi hotspot, GPS speed and position logging, and waterproof rear camera with infrared LEDs, for trucks, commercial vehicles, and other applications where mounting the rear-facing camera on the exterior of the vehicle (rather than on the interior) is necessary.

For all the fleet and commercial drivers out there, the new and improved BlackVue DR750S-2CH-Truck cloud-capable dashcam now has a 1080p HD waterproof rear camera (as opposed to HD 720p on the DR650S-2CH-Truck). This professional system offers a suite of features for those CDL drivers who are in their vehicles more than anyone else: the dash camera itself records in full 1080p HD which is saved to an internal industrial-grade microSD memory card. A rear-facing camera has your back (literally!) allowing you to get a more complete view of the situation in case of accident or emergency, day or night. The waterproof rear camera with infrared "nightvision" LEDs ensures that you get a perfect image, regardless of weather, for enhanced security.

The BlackVue DR750S-2CH-Truck has a toggleable local WiFi hotspot which enables you to directly connect to the camera and view the files and settings using your smartphone. These WiFi capabilities also support live viewing from both the front and rear lenses, which allows you to ensure the cameras are pointed correctly. Improved GPS performance in this model enable unprecedented data acquisition such as timestamped positioning and speed logging, which makes this a great investment for drivers and managers alike.

Audio cues (voice alerts) from the device will alert the user to any changes or enabled features, allowing for the camera itself to be sleek, discreet, and screen-free. All data from the camera can be accessed wirelessly from the BlackVue app, available on iOS or Android.

Protect yourself and your business from high insurance premiums and false liability with the BlackVue DR750S-2CH-Truck. Commercial vehicles from all industries will enjoy the extra protection, whether you’re a local-sized domestic service (everyone from pest control to plumbing) or managing a nationally-sized long-haul transportation service. Accidents can be unavoidable, but you can arm yourself with the dashcam defense, including BlackVue’s Over-the-Cloud remote access and monitoring service (remote cloud-based service requires a separate WiFi hotspot in the vehicle).

The optional Power Magic Pro add-on will enable you to capture video even while the vehicle is parked and turned off, with optional fuse taps to enable easy installation of a battery-conscious, low consumption option for 24/7 monitoring. No matter if you’re facing a claim from a midnight fender-bender or an afternoon parking lot collision, the high-quality timestamped video feed can help you contest the ever-inconvenient insurance fees. The Power Magic Pro can also be used to keep a watchful eye over expensive cargo that your truck may be hauling or towing.

The DR750S-2CH-Truck includes FREE priority ground shipping within the continental United States. Expedited shipping may be selected during checkout for an additional fee. International shipping is not available on this item, except to North America (Canada or Mexico).

A Note on Memory Cards

BlackVue dashcams include a 32, 64, 128 or 256GB memory card. While the memory cards are removable and the card slots will accept other brands of memory cards, we strongly suggest the use of only BlackVue memory cards in the BlackVue dashcams, as the use of a non BlackVue memory card may cause performance issues and may void your manufacturer’s warranty.

BlackVue OEM memory cards are industrial-grade and are designed and tested to withstand the extreme temperatures and the constant read/write cycles of high quality dashcams. Consumer-grade memory cards such as those from SanDisk or Samsung are simply not up to the task. Stick with the OEM BlackVue memory cards to ensure your dashcams are always recording when it matters most.

Included in the Box:

  • 1 DR750S-2CH Front-Facing Camera with Windshield Mount
  • 1 DR750S-2CH Rear-Facing Camera with Waterproof Housing & Infrared LEDs
  • 1 Cigarette Lighter Outlet Power Cord, 15ft length
  • 1 Coaxial Video Cable for Rear Camera, 49ft length
  • 1 Accessory Pack (cable clips, screws, adhesive pads)
  • 1 microSD memory card (Choose the size above)
  • 1 microSD memory card to USB adapter
  • 1 User Manual

Compatible Add-Ons/Accessories

User Manuals

*** The DR750S-2CH-TRUCK has been discontinued and is no longer available, please see the new DR770X-2CH-TRUCK replacement model instead ***

The bottom line

An improvement building on the success of the proven DR650S-2CH-Truck. Nothing has been sacrificed from the previous version, so with the addition of higher video quality and the free BlackVue Over-the-Cloud service, this system is an absolutely perfect solution for those looking for a high-tech dashcam setup in their personal or fleet vehicles, where an externally-mounted rear-facing camera is a requirement.

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Maximum Video Resolution:
1080p (1920x1080) Full HD
Maximum Framerate:
60 FPS
Intended Coverage:
Front + Rear
Built-in Screen:
Viewing Angle (degrees):
Video File Format:
Video Codec:
Motion Detection:
Voice Alerts:
Voice Commands:
Low-light functionality:
GPS Position Logging:
Yes, built-in
Loop Recording:
HDR (enhance video quality):
Adjustable Exposure:
Audio Recording:
Yes, can be disabled
Date/Time Stamp:
Custom Text Overlay:
Auto Power Off:
Day/Night Mode:
Video segment selection:
1/2/3 min
Screen Time-out:
Rear Camera In
Memory Card Type:
MicroSD, 32/64/128/256gb, Class 10
Includes Desktop Software:
Yes, Windows & Mac
Includes Mobile App:
Yes, Android & IOS
Number of Lenses:
Yes, Direct Connection & Cloud Capable
Operating Temperature:
-20° C – 60° C (-4° F – 140° F)
1 Year Manufacturer