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BlackVue B-124X Ultra Battery Pack

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*** The B-124X has been discontinued and replaced with the new, larger capacity B-130X (click here for more info). ***

*** The B-124X has been discontinued and replaced with the new, larger capacity B-130X (click here for more info). ***

*** The B-124X has been discontinued and replaced with the new, larger capacity B-130X (click here for more info). ***

If you're looking for the B-124, you've found the latest and greatest version! BlackVue's B-124X Power Magic Ultra Battery Pack is the newest battery pack that is fast-charging, long-lasting and connected! Doubling the runtime of the previous-generation B-112 battery pack, the B-124X Power Magic Ultra Battery functions the same way: it recharges when your engine is running and powers your dashcam when ignition is off.

Very much like the new Cellink NEO battery pack, the B-124X Power Magic Ultra Battery offers the newest improvements in battery pack functionality:

  • Fast Charging: the Power Magic Ultra Battery reaches a full charge in a record 40 minutes when hardwired (80 minutes if connected to the cigarette lighter socket).
  • Multi-purpose: USB port for powering/charging various devices.
  • Long lasting: Parking Mode can last more than 24 hours with a single-channel BlackVue.
  • Connected: Compatible with the free BlackVue Battery Manager app.


The B-124X Ultra Battery supports two charging modes:

  • Simple installation: just plug the battery into the cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle.
    Charging current: 5A – Charging time: approx. 80 minutes.
  • Hardwired installation: For fastest charging speed, connect the battery to the fuse panel.
    Charging current: 9A – Charging time: approx. 40 minutes.

Parking Mode

With the B-124X Ultra Battery Pack you get amazing autonomy in Parking Mode, without ever drawing power from your car’s battery. BlackVue dashcams automatically switch to Parking Mode to monitor your parked vehicle, but only writes to the memory card when something happens (motion or impact detected), which has two benefits:

  • Less chance for important files to be overwritten during long Parking Mode sessions.
  • Extends the lifespan of your memory card due to less overall usage.

Battery Manager App

The B-124X Ultra Battery Pack supports Bluetooth for compatibility with the free dedicated BlackVue Battery Manager app (iOS/Android). When charging, the app displays charge percentage, charging voltage and expected remaining time until full charge. When ignition is off, the app informs you of the expected Parking Mode remaining time until depletion, based on the dashcam’s power consumption.

B-124X Specifications

Model Power Magic Ultra Battery B-124X
Color / Size / Weight Black / 157mm (W) x 171mm (L) x 39.5mm (H) / 1.4kg
Battery Cell Type LiFePo4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
Input Voltage / Current 24V system:
  • Cigarette lighter plug: 12V-17V / 6.5A (max)
  • Hardwired: 12V-17V / 13.5A (max)
12V system:
  • Cigarette lighter plug: 23V-30V / 3.4A (max)
  • Hardwired: 23V-30V / 7.1A (max)
Charging Voltage / Current Cigarette lighter plug: 14.2V / 5A

Hardwired: 14.2V / 9A

Charging Time Cigarette lighter plug (standard 5A charging): Approx. 80 mins

Hardwired (rapid 9A charging): Approx. 40 mins

Hours of Use Approx. 25 hours 35 mins (based on a single dashcam that consumes 3Wh)
Operating Temperature Charging Temperature: 0° − 45°C (32° − 113°F)
Discharging Temperature: -10° − 60°C (14° − 140°F)
Storage Temperature: -20° − 45°C (-4° − 113°F)
High Temperature Cut-Off Approx. 80°C (176°F)
Capacity 12.8V / 6,000mAh / 76.8Wh
Output Voltage / Current 11V – 14.2 V / 2A (max)
USB port: 4.75 V–5.25 V / 2 A (max)

Optional Add-On: Double your Battery Capacity

Expansion port: you can connect a B-124E (Expansion) Battery Pack to the B-124X Ultra Battery to more than double or even triple your capacity and Parking Mode time. The Expansion Battery (B-124E) can store up to 6600mAh of power, so 10% more power than the Ultra Battery. Multiple Expansion Battery units can be connected in sequence to provide even larger capacity.

Power Consumption and Usage Time

Model Average Power Consumption (Wh) in Normal recording Mode Expected Usage Time
DR900S-1CH 3.48 21h 53m
DR900S-2CH 4.56 16h 42m
DR750S-1CH 3.36 22h 40m
DR750S-2CH 4.32 17h 38m
DR590W-1CH 2.52 30h 14m
DR590W-2CH 3.6 21h 10m
DR590-1CH 2.4 31h 45m
DR590-2CH 3.48 21h 53m
*You can take these values as baseline and expect higher autonomy in Parking Mode. Parking Mode autonomy may vary depending on the frequency of motion and impact Event recordings.

Click here or on the image below to learn more about the B-124E Ultra Battery Expansion Pack that is available for use with the B-124X Ultra Battery Pack.

Replacement Parts

  • CL-124 - BlackVue Replacement Cigarette Lighter Cable for B-124X
  • CH-124 - BlackVue Replacement Hardwire Cable for B-124X | CH-124
  • CS-124 - BlackVue Replacement Female Cigarette Lighter Socket for B-124X

Optional/Alternative Parts

  • DCH-124 - BlackVue 3-Wire Output Cable for B-124X (for using the B-124X with other brands of dash cams)

User Manual

OEM equipment from PittaSoft BlackVue. Professional installation is recommended.

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*** The B-124X has been discontinued and replaced with the new, larger capacity B-130X (click here for more info). ***