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Garmin OBD-II Constant Power Parking Mode Cable

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Enjoy 24/7 protection with the new Garmin OBD-II Constant Power Cable! Once the cable is easily installed (simply "plug and play") into the vehicle's OBD-II diagnostic port, your Garmin dash cam will receive power at all times, even when your vehicle is off, so you can rest easy.

Dual Output

Connect one or two Garmin dash cams to the dual USB power ports on the constant power cable, for multiple angles of protection. For example, you can place a Garmin Dash Cam 57 in the front windshield and a Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2 in the rear window, for front and rear video coverage.

Adjustable Time Switch

The OBD-II Power Cable has three options for supplying power to your Garmin dash cam:

  • 10 Minute Mode: Select this mode if you want your dash cam to power off after you exit your vehicle. Your camera will continue to run for 10 minutes after your engine has been turned off, then it will power down. Your camera will then power back on automatically the next time you start your engine.
  • 24 Hour Mode: Your Garmin dash cam will remain on for 24 hours after you turn your vehicle off. The Power Cable has a built-in low battery detection that will shut off the camera if your vehicle battery reaches below 12V, which prevents you from returning to a dead battery!
  • Always On Mode: Your Garmin dash cam will remain powered on continuously, unless the built-in low battery detection sees that your vehicle battery has reached the safety cutoff threshold of 12V or below. The dash cam will then power back on once the engine is restarted.

The built-in timer will automatically reset whenever outside motion is detected, an impact occurs, a vehicle door opens, or the engine is running.

Low Battery Protection

The Garmin OBD2 Constant Power Cable will protect your vehicle battery by shutting down within 10 minutes if it detects the battery voltage is less than 12.0.

Red Status LED

The status indicator LED shows the OBD Cable status:

  • Red: The device is supplying power to the connected devices.
  • Flashing Red: The timer has expired and the device is no longer supplying power to the connected devices.
  • Off: The device is receiving less than 12 V of power. The low battery protection feature turns off the device to protect the vehicle battery.

Compatible with the following Garmin dashcams:

* Compatible with most passenger vehicles; not compatible with commercial vehicles with a J1939 connector.

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12 to 16 V, 1.6 A Max
5 Vdc, 1.5 A each (3.0 A total)
Operating temperature:
-20° to 45°C (from -4° to 113°F)
Low battery protection voltage:
12 V