Automotive Test Light | Simple 12-24v DC Circuit Tester in Retail Packaging

Automotive Test Light | Simple 12-24v DC Circuit Tester

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Use this simple automotive circuit tester to identify suitable power circuits when installing a dashcam in your vehicle. This easy to use tool allows you to determine exactly which fuses in your fuse box can be used as "constant hot" and "switched" fuse power sources.

All you need to do is attach the alligator-clip style connector on the end of the tester to a bare metal ground point in the vehicle, then you use the tip of the test light to probe the exposed contacts of the fuses in the fuse box. By alternating the ignition key from off to run and back, you can quickly and easily identify the different types (switched and hot) and locations of fuses in the fuse box. This is particularly useful when installing a product such as the BlackVue Power Magic Pro, or one our own Dashcam Installation Kits.

Circuit Tester Specifications:

  • Input Voltage: 6-24v DC
  • Cord Length: 54"

Basic Instructions for Use:

  1. Connect the spring-loaded clip to a bare-metal (not painted, very important) ground point
  2. Use the tip of the test light to lightly touch the metal posts of the fuses in the fuse box
  3. Alternate the ignition key from off to run (without actually starting the engine) in order to see if circuit state changes
  4. Install fuse taps (or other wiring) in appropriate locations identified above. Don't forget to also install your ground wire.

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Please Note: working with a vehicle's electrical system can be dangerous or deadly and should be left to a qualified professional only. If you are unfamiliar with vehicle electrical systems or are in any way hesitant to use a device like this circuit tester, please consult a professional in your area. We have a list of recommended dashcam installation shops or professionals near you for this very purpose.

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