An Introduction To VIOFO Dash Cams

An Introduction To VIOFO Dash Cams

Posted by The Dashcam Store on Apr 14, 2020

Fantastic quality at a reasonable price, meet our new brand offering – VIOFO

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When it comes to a complete feature set at a competitive price point, Viofo hits the mark with its new A129 line of products now available at The Dashcam Store. The Viofo brand is known for their sturdy design, form-factor as well as their solid performance in video capture. Add to that the units’ 2.0” LCD display with the ability to show multiple feeds and you have a powerful all-in-one solution for your car and state of mind. Every one of our Viofo offerings comes with GPS and WiFi as well as a secondary camera for complete coverage of your vehicle. To top it off, each of our Viofo cameras is capable of parking mode so that you have round the clock protection when on the road and off.

VIOFO Dash Cameras Blog | Dual Channel Recording

The A129 Duo is the baseline model with excellent video quality.

It features both front and rear cameras recording in Full HD at 30fps. With both lenses having a viewing angle of 140°, you have a wide view of your surroundings without the image becoming distorted. And starting at $169.99, it’s a great deal! Implement this video capture solution from Viofo for your vehicle without breaking the bank!

Interior View of VIOFO A129 Duo IR

For those in the taxi and ride-share industry, the A129 Duo IR is the perfect solution for your business.

It records both front and interior with a viewing angle of 140° and 160° respectively. Of course, as the name states, it comes with infrared technology so you can see the inside cabin and your passengers clearly - even in the darkest conditions!

And for the technophiles with a predilection for uncompromising video quality, the A129 Pro Duo can’t be beat!

Recording in Ultra High Definition 4K in the front and Full HD in the rear, have confidence that what you see is what you record.

VIOFO A129 PRO Duo | 4K Dual Camera System

Viofo’s brand of products offer piece of mind and security for everyone – from the everyday commuter to the taxi/ride-share driver. There is a unique Viofo product tailored for your needs and you can purchase any one of the A129 product variants today from The Dashcam Store! Don’t wait until you have an accident to get protection - protect yourself and your property with “dashcam defense” today!

Apr 14, 2020 Posted by The Dashcam Store