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Vantrue N4 3-Channel Dash Cam for Front, Inside and Rear Recording

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*** The Vantrue N4 has been discontinued and is no longer available, please see the Vantrue N4 Pro (click here) instead ***

*** The Vantrue N4 has been discontinued and is no longer available, please see the Vantrue N4 Pro (click here) instead ***

*** The Vantrue N4 has been discontinued and is no longer available, please see the Vantrue N4 Pro (click here) instead ***

Introducing the Vantrue N4 dash cam, the first ever true 3-channel system for front, rear *and* inside recording.

Finally! The good folks at Vantrue heard your calls and have finally brought to market the comprehensive recording solution everyone has been asking for. The N4 triple-lens system has a camera for the front windshield, a camera for inside the cabin, and a third camera for the rear windshield. Rejoice!

Our favorite things about the Vantrue N4

  • World-first 3-channel consumer dashcam system! Record ALL AROUND your vehicle: front + inside + rear
  • Like the Vantrue N2 Pro, the main camera unit contains both the front and inside cameras (and the memory card)
  • Inside-facing lens comes with infrared (IR) LEDs to illuminate the interior even in pitch black conditions, perfect for taxi or rideshare
  • 1440p resolution at the front camera plus dual 1080p resolutions from inside and rear-facing lenses!
  • Big LCD screen for playback right on the dashcam if necessary. Larger than the N2 Pro.
  • Optional GPS position/speed logging, just add the optional GPS mounting bracket
Vantrue N4 Parking Mode Graphic

Who needs all-around protection from a system like the N4? Who doesn't!? Rideshare (Lyft & Uber) drivers, teen drivers and taxi companies all benefit from this 3-channel video capture system! The peace of mind a truly comprehensive solution like the N4 provides is priceless! No matter what happens (or where), you'll be sure to have the evidence, if necessary.

Installation is simple. Attach the front + inside unit to the front windshield using the included suction-cup mount. Attach the rear camera to the back glass using the included 3M adhesive pad. Plug the rear camera cable into the front unit, then use the included power cable to connect the front camera to your standard vehicle power outlet. Now you have 3 channels of protection while you drive!

Want to enjoy this coverage while parked? Add on the optional Vantrue hardwire cable; this simple cable connects to the fuse box instead of the cigarette lighter power outlet, which enables safe "parking mode" protection. If you don't want to install this cable yourself, just about any reputable car audio shop in your area can tackle this simple procedure for you for a fair price.

Vantrue N4 Nightvision

The interior camera has 4 infrared LED lights that accurately capture all activity inside the cabin, even in complete darkness. Unlike with earlier models of IR dash cams, the Vanture N4 IR does not cause a halo effect while filming in the dark, nor does the picture come out grainy. The audio recording is superior when compared to many other dashcam models, and will capture all but the quietest conversations.

Included in the Box

  • 1 N4 Front+Inside Dash Cam with Suction Cup Mount
  • 1 Rear Camera with 20ft Extension Cable
  • 1 Car Charger with 11.4ft Type-C USB Cable
  • 1 Spare Adhesive Pad
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Quick Start Guide

User Manual

Vantrue GPS Player Software Downloads:

The Bottom Line

If you need an affordable, reliable, and comprehensive solution for ridesharing or just everyday driving, the Vantrue N4 is the dashcam solution for you. The N4 simultaneously captures the road ahead of you, behind you, and your passengers, all at high resolution and an excellent price point. The N4 is priced much lower than comparable 3 or 4-channel commercial fleet solutions). The flexibility of the N4 makes it the perfect solution for Uber & Lyft drivers, teens, commuters, and dashcam enthusiasts and many other types of drivers too.

Check out some sample footage below!


*** The Vantrue N4 has been discontinued and is no longer available, please see the Vantrue N4 Pro (click here) instead ***

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Maximum Video Resolution:
2K (2560x1440) QHD
Maximum Framerate:
60 FPS
Intended Coverage:
Front + Inside + Rear
Built-in Screen:
Viewing Angle (degrees):
Video File Format:
Video Codec:
Motion Detection:
Voice Alerts:
Voice Commands:
Low-light functionality:
GPS Position Logging:
Optional, add-on
Loop Recording:
HDR (enhance video quality):
Adjustable Exposure:
Audio Recording:
Yes, can be disabled
Date/Time Stamp:
Custom Text Overlay:
Auto Power Off:
English, Japanese
Day/Night Mode:
Video segment selection:
Screen Time-out:
Rear Camera In
Memory Card Type:
MicroSD, 32/64/128/256gb, Class 10
Includes Desktop Software:
Yes, Windows & Mac
Includes Mobile App:
Number of Lenses:
Operating Temperature:
0° C − 70° C (32° F − 158° F)
1 Year Manufacturer