Transparent Warning Sticker | Audio Recording May Be In Progress In This Vehicle | On-Car Photo, Outside View

Warning Sticker | Audio Recording May Be In Progress | Transparent

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Keep it legal! Display this notification sticker prominently to inform your passengers and other individuals (such as law enforcement personnel) who may be inside or around your vehicle that your dashcam is recording audio.

These dashcam warning stickers are similar to our normal recording-in-progress warning stickers, but now they are available in a see-through version! Unlike the original warning stickers that mount to any surface like a normal sticker (with the sticky side down), these transparent warning stickers attach to the inside of your windows for an extra clean look.

Installation is easy! Just be sure to thoroughly clean the glass surface and allow the glass to dry completely before attaching the sticker. The backing paper on these clear stickers peels off easily in two halves which makes attaching the sticker a simple process. You may want to use a credit card or other soft object that has a straight edge to fully seal down the sticker once it has been applied to the glass. That's it!


  • Dimensions: 3.5" Wide by 1.5" Tall
  • Printed on "Three-Year" outdoor transparent vinyl with UV-resistant ink
  • Designed exclusively for The Dashcam Store™, Copyright © 2017
  • Made in the USA

Please note: laws vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, please research the laws in your location or consult a lawyer before relying on a sticker to keep you out of jail!