Small But Mighty, the New Dash Cam Tandem from Garmin!

Small But Mighty, the New Dash Cam Tandem from Garmin!

Posted by The Dashcam Store on Feb 17, 2020

Introducing the new Garmin Dash Cam Tandem, perfect for rideshare, parents, and more!

Size is everything - when it comes to convenience! With Garmin’s first foray into the taxi/rideshare market, they’re keeping the same ultra-compact form factor as their previous models like the Garmin Dash Cam 46, 56 and 66W, but this time Garmin replaced the built-in LCD display with an inside-facing camera lens instead.

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With a camera THIS SMALL, it’s hard to believe that it has TWO 180° lenses for complete coverage of you, your passengers and your surroundings - both inside and out! Capturing super crisp HD 1440p video with the front-facing lens and HD 720p interior video with NIGHTGLO technology, you have a robust video solution for any time of day – or night.

Add the this, the unit’s Auto Sync feature via the free Garmin Drive app where you can link together up to 4 cameras from the Garmin line of products (46, 56, 66W, and Mini) for that extra layer of protection. In every situation and every lighting condition you can think of - Dash Cam Tandem has your back …and front, side and interior!

Don’t worry about cumbersome controls or needing to manually control your dashcam, with voice operation the Dash Cam Tandem allows you to control the unit with simple voice phases such as, “OK Garmin! Take a Picture”, “OK Garmin! Save Video” or “OK Garmin! Stop Audio.” With all this control, you can focus on the road ahead – just say the word!

Then when you finally get to your destination, have confidence with the optional parking mode function and protect your property 24/7! (Hardwired or constant-power connection required for parking mode.)

An excellent device for parents motioning their children while they drive as well as rideshare drivers that want to protect themselves and their passengers from incident and/or liability, the new Garmin Dash Cam Tandem has the feature set you want, the high-quality video you demand, and the ultra-small form factor you need to make you and your passenger's next trip covered with protection only a dash cam can provide!

The Garmin Dash Cam Tandem is available now from The Dashcam Store. Order yours today!

Feb 17, 2020 Posted by The Dashcam Store