BlackVue Adhesive Mounting Pads | Front or Rear Windshield Sticky Pads

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Do you need extra adhesive mounting pads to help complete the installation of your 1 or 2-channel BlackVue dashcam system, or to move your BlackVue cameras to another vehicle? These brand new BlackVue OE (Original Equipment) double-sided adhesive pads attach securely to your existing windshield mounts (front or rear, choose which ones you need above) to securely attach the mounting brackets to the vehicle glass.

These sticky adhesive mounting pads are designed to be mounted on glass or metal surfaces. It is not recommended to place these sticky pads on plastic or rubber surfaces inside your vehicle.

Please be sure to thoroughly clean the mounting surfaces and allow them to dry before applying the sticky pads. Carefully remove the red backing piece and ensure you do not touch the exposed adhesive pad, and then press firmly once applied to the mounting bracket or to the windshield.

Unless otherwise noted, this item is a 2-pack of the adhesive mounting pads.

Guaranteed compatible with the following dash cam models (please choose your model above):

  • BlackVue DR430-2CH
  • BlackVue DR450-1CH
  • BlackVue DR470-2CH
  • BlackVue DR490-2CH
  • BlackVue DR490L-2CH
  • BlackVue DR500GW-1CH
  • BlackVue DR550-2CH
  • BlackVue DR590-1CH
  • BlackVue DR590-2CH
  • BlackVue DR590-2CH-IR
  • BlackVue DR590W-1CH
  • BlackVue DR590W-2CH
  • BlackVue DR590W-2CH-IR
  • BlackVue DR600GW-1CH
  • BlackVue DR650GW-1CH / DR650S-1CH
  • BlackVue DR650GW-2CH / DR650S-2CH
  • BlackVue DR650GW-2CH-IR / DR650S-2CH-IR
  • BlackVue DR650GW-2CH-Truck (front camera only)
  • BlackVue DR650S-2CH-Truck (front camera only)
  • BlackVue DR750S-2CH / DR750S-1CH
  • BlackVue DR750S-2CH-IR
  • BlackVue DR750S-2CH-Truck (front camera only)
  • BlackVue DR900S-2CH / DR900S-1CH
  • BlackVue G-1E / G-1AE (GPS Antenna)

OEM equipment by Pittasoft BlackVue.

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