AVIC Professional Dashcams Hero Image

Specializing in robust engineering with a focus on data security, AVIC dashcams are built into a tough and sturdy exoskeleton that can resist tampering to a great extent. Another added bonus of installing an AVIC dashcam is that they’re hardwired straight into the vehicle's electrical system, forbidding anyone from simply disabling the dashcam by unplugging it. The dual lens AVIC dashcam, unlike other dashcams, has one lens facing inside the car allowing a business owner or fleet manager to keep an eye on what goes on inside the vehicle.

While it offers complete control to one individual after installation, AVIC goes a step further and offers a lockable memory card cover as well! This prohibits the driver or the passenger from tinkering with the dashcam which means a safer and more secure way of documenting and safeguarding precious video evidence.

If you are a business owner, vigilant service professional, or even simply a watchful parent who prioritizes security over everything else, the AVIC series of dashcams will provide you and your business with the "dashcam defense"!

Fleet discounts are available, please contact us for more information on volume pricing for your fleet vehicles.