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Professional Dash Cams

Professional dashboard video cameras (dash cams) are commercial-grade dash cams designed for fleet vehicles, commercial vehicles and/or professional drivers such as delivery, service (plumbing, electrician, etc), or taxi/private drivers. These aren't the cheapies that will konk out after a week of use. We have vetted these models thoroughly; if you want one of the best dash cams, a reliable partner to keep you or your fleet of vehicles safe from the hazards on the road, you've come to the right place. The specifications on these models such as operating temperature range, memory card capacity, and reliability typically exceed other dash cams.

Are you a business owner needing to keep an eye on what your drivers are doing throughout the day? This category of dashcams will give you the peace of mind to know the recordings will take place, and they won't be tampered with. Check out the AVIC tamper-proof dash cams, for example.

How about if you are a private contractor with a service vehicle? Taxi, Uber, or Lyft driver? Install a professional level dash cam in your car and know you will be protected from any false accusations or liability just because someone sees you as an easy target. Professional dash cams provide an irrefutable record of the events in and around your vehicle, and act as your backup eyewitness at all times. These dashcams can even be set up to record video and audio while the truck is parked, so you will know if someone damaged your vehicle while you were away, or who it was that may have walked off with some of your property.

Still on the fence about whether or not your business can benefit from the use of dashcams in your fleet vehicles? Please take a look at this video to hear just one real-world example of a "dashcam defense" story from an actual business owner (and customer of The Dashcam Store™):

If you would prefer to speak with a dash cam specialist to discuss your fleet or business needs, please contact us today.


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