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  • Thinkware F100 Rideshare Dashcam Bundle | Bundle Components
  • Thinkware F100 Dashcam Install Bundle | F100 Front Camera
  • Thinkware F100 Dashcam Install Bundle | F100 Rear Camera
  • Thinkware F100 Dashcam Install Bundle | Hard Wiring Kit
  • Thinkware F100 Dashcam Install Bundle |  Fuse Tap Bundle
  • Thinkware F100 Dashcam Install Bundle |  Circuit Tester

Our Videos for This Product:

  • Video Preview Image
    THINKWARE F100 Demo Video Presented by The Dashcam Store™
    Thinkware's F100 overview video describes features and video enhancements techniques. Safety Camera Alerts: -Red Light Camera Alert -Average Speed Zone Alert -Speed Camera Alert -Mobile Speed Zone Alerts Front Full HD & Rear HD Various Recording Modes: -Continuous Recording -Event (Impact) Recording -Manual Recording -Parking Recording Motion & Impact Detection Recoding Advanced Video Clear Technology: -Auto Exposure -Smart Focusing System -Noise Reduction System -Adaptive Contrast & Color Enhancement Accessories For Commercial Vehicles: -Locking Box -Rear Camera -Outside Rear Camera -IR Camera For more information on Thinkware's F100, please click the link below: https://www.thedashcamstore.com/thinkware-f100-full-hd-1-or-2ch-gps-ready-dash-cam/ If you want something a bit more robust, check out the F800 PRO: https://www.thedashcamstore.com/thinkware-f800-pro-dashcam-for-front-only-or-front-and-rear-recording/
  • Video Preview Image
    Thinkware F100 Unboxing & Sample Footage by The Dashcam Store™
    Your friends at The Dashcam Store with the unboxing of Thinkware's affordable but high quality F100 and accessories, along with sample footage of the forward-facing, optional rear-facing, optional IR and optional externally-mounted infrared rear-facing dash cam. ***Please keep in mind the raw video from the Thinkware F100 is better quality than what is represented on YouTube. YouTube automatically compresses videos, which can negatively impact image quality within the YouTube player.*** For more information on Thinkware's F100 please visit: https://www.thedashcamstore.com/thinkware-f100-full-hd-1-or-2ch-gps-ready-dash-cam/ Available in both one- and two-channel options (with a nice variety of second camera options), the F100 is a sleek and dependable dashcam setup that is suitable for both regular drivers and commercial fleets as well. Featuring Sony EXMOR image sensors for both front and secondary cameras and an Ambarella A12 chipset. Recording in Full HD 1080P, with a very discreet and refined design, the F100 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a simple but high-quality setup at a terrific price point. The one-channel package comes with your forward-facing camera and a standard set of accessories; including a 12V power cable, a mount with 3M tape, 3 adhesive cable holders, an extra mount adhesive, a microSD card and SD card adaptor. You have a choice of 16, 32, or 64gb memory cards from Thinkware with your F100. And don’t forget about your trusty Quick start guide/User Manual. The front camera features a viewing angle of 135 degrees and supports Full HD video recording @30 FPS, while the rear, interior or waterproof external rear cameras record in HD 720p. Optional secondary cams: • Rear-facing (for extra coverage at the back of the vehicle) • Interior-facing (great for rideshare, taxis, or fleet vehicles) • External rear facing 15m cable, or 20m cable (for trucks or heavy-duty vehicles where the rear-facing cam must be mounted outside in the elements) The F100 boasts numerous perks such as High Definition Video, format free technology, 3 autonomous recording modes, high-temperature protection, comprehensive driving information and fail-safe recording. The intuitive and simple-to-use interface of Thinkware Dash Cam allows you to easily and conveniently view your recorded videos. Through the free PC or Mac viewer, you can playback and download recorded videos. You can also change the dash cam settings, format the memory card, or install updates with just a few clicks in the viewer. With the optional GPS antenna, the Thinkware F100 can record the vehicle's driving speed and position so that you can see its precise location, velocity and routes on a map when playing back the footage from the memory card. This is ideal for business owners or fleet managers, parents, or those who simply would like to have a record of their precise whereabouts (and perhaps more importantly, their speed) when driving. The F100 can be hardwired to enable parking mode or just to eliminate that cigarette lighter power plug for a cleaner “installed” look. Also available is the tamper-proof case, perfect for business owners and parents to know the dashcam will remain on as intended, and the footage on the memory card will not be altered or destroyed. If you’re looking for a small, sleek, affordable and reliable dashcam, look no further than Thinkware’s F100. This one-or-two channel camera system is ideal for every day drivers, businesses, fleets and rideshare drivers due to its numerous secondary camera configurations. For more information on Thinkware's F100 please visit: https://www.thedashcamstore.com/thinkware-f100-full-hd-1-or-2ch-gps-ready-dash-cam/ Have questions? Get in touch with us! Phone: 1-888-855-5470 Email: contact@thedashcamstore.com

Thinkware F100 Front and Rear Dashcam Install Bundle

$265.45 $169.97

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Product Description

Introducing our new Thinkware F100 "Do It Yourself" dashcam bundle! This DIY kit contains everything you need to seamlessly install and use a brand new Thinkware F100 dashcam in your car, truck, or SUV.

Included in the Bundle:

  1. Thinkware F100 Front-Facing Dashcam
  2. Thinkware F100 Standard Rear-Facing Camera
  3. Hardwire Kit
  4. Bundle of "Add-a-circuit" Fuse Taps
  5. 12v DC Circuit Tester / Test Light

Bundle Item #1 - Thinkware F100 Dashcam:

The Thinkware F100 provides the quality and dependability of Thinkware without the expensive bells and whistles! Don't be fooled by the great price, the Thinkware F100 is still packed with features that make it a fantastic entry-level camera! The sleek, slim design offers a Sony EXMOR sensor, along with an Ambarella A12 chipset. This camera is suitable for every day drivers, businesses, fleets and taxi/Uber/TNC drivers as well due to the numerous secondary camera configurations such as regular rear camera, interior infrared camera, or weatherproof external rear camera.

Thinkware F800Pro Dashcam, for forward-facing or front and rear video and audio recording

Bundle Item #2 - Thinkware F100 Standard Rear Cam:

The Thinkware F100 Rear Camera (TWA-F100R) is an optional add-on that is compatible with the Thinkware F100 dash cam. Ideal for any driver or fleet manager who would like to add rear-facing coverage to the front-facing coverage of the F100 or F200. The rear camera is designed to mount in the rear windshield, facing towards the rear of your vehicle.

Thinkware F800Pro Dashcam Rear Camera

Bundle Item #3 - Thinkware Dashcam Hardwire Kit:

Thinkware's TWA-SH is a hardwiring cable that connects to your Thinkware dash camera directly to your vehicle’s fuse panel, which allows the camera’s parking surveillance mode to function while the vehicle’s ignition is turned off. The built-in voltage meter in the main unit will be activated to monitor the battery level. It will automatically shut off the device if the voltage dips below the configurable voltage cut-off level

 Thinkware Dashcam Hardwire Kit

Bundle Item #4 - Fuse Tap Bundle:

We also include a bundle of nifty "add-a-circuit" fuse taps (4 taps, 1 of each type) with this dashcam DIY bundle. Using a set of crimpers or pliers, the fuse tap crimps on to the end of the Vantrue's direct-wire harness power wire, then simply plugs in to your fuse box! Your vehicle's factory warranty will remain fully intact, as there is no chance of damaging any wiring or other electrical components when using other more invasive methods of tapping in to a vehicle's electrical system. The fuse tap can be removed later if you need to sell or trade in your vehicle, leaving no trace that there was ever anything there, pretty cool!

Bundle Item #5 - DC Circuit Tester:

Our included circuit tester (a.k.a. "test light") helps you quickly identify the correct "always on" fuses in your fuse box, so you know exactly where to connect the Vantrue's wire harness to the fuse box (by way of the included fuse tap).

Click here or on the image below to learn more about our simple DC test light (circuit tester) that is included in the Thinkware F100 DIY dashcam bundle.

Thinkware Software Downloads:

Mobile Viewer

Viewer Software


Shipping and Availability

The Thinkware F100 DIY bundle includes FREE priority ground shipping within the continental United States. Expedited shipping may be selected during checkout for an additional fee.

*** In stock and shipping from Texas now! *** Order today!

The Dashcam Store™ is an official North American distributor of the Vantrue product line. Beware of unauthorized or grey-market third-party sellers!


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