Customer Videos

Videos about our products, submitted by customers

Below is a collection of videos that have been submitted by our customers. These videos include reviews, comments, thoughts, or simply cool footage captured by their dashcams that they have been so kind as to share. Big thanks to all of our customers who have contributed to the dashcam community!

Thanks for watching, and as always, drive safe!

  • US Dash Camera did a review of our IR Offset Bracket. So, if you don't want to take our word for it, we will let John tell you all about it. Thanks John!
  • Billy, better known as motoforlyfe on YouTube, created a comprehensive unboxing, overview, review, and initial setup of the BlackVue DR750S-2CH dashcam. If you have questions about how to set up your BlackVue DR750S-2CH for the first time or you want help navigating through the BlackVue app and Over-the-Cloud feature, Billy does a superb job of explaining how it all works at 10:27.
  • Lukas H. does a killer review of the BlackVue DR650-1CH. He askes the question, "Do you actually need a dashcam?" and "Worth it?". Luckily, he answers both questions for you. Great video and good advice about eBay. Thank you Lukas!
  • Matt G. of Cleveland, Ohio did an amazing job installing, testing and also reviewing on his Adventure Portal website the BlackVue DR470-2CH dash cam. Looks like good times off-roading in your Tacoma, thank you Matt!
  • Jon M. of Minneapolis, Minnesota created a review video of two versions of our dashcam installation kits, including installation in a Kia Forte. Thank you Jon!
  • John P. of Hattiesburg, Mississippi was kind enough to send us a video showing how he used one of our dashcam installation kits in his Camry. Thank you too, John!
  • Alex C. of Elk Grove, California also sent us a video showing how he used *two* of our dashcam installation kits in his Corolla, one for the front dashcam and one for a rear dashcam. Thanks to you as well Alex!

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